Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tagged? No!!!!

Apparently, bloggers play this game where they 'tag' a few fellow bloggers who are then obligated to tell some facts about themselves and then tag more bloggers...

I just got tagged by FlashFresh; and although I've never heard of this game I guess I'll play along. (I know you just made this up in order to pry special Sekrets out of me, Flash!)

So, some facts about your truely, one of the following statements is false:

I'm a computer programer, fluent in several languages.
I'm an Eagle Scout.
I was practically a slave to some of my former carebear corps/alliances.
I've lived in several countries, including Germany, Japan, and Italy (and USA).
I've done some small time corporate spying (in Eve, of course).
If you can guess which statement is false, you get 1,000,000,000 ISK.

The Rules:
  1. Link to the original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about myself in the post - some random, some weird. I added one more, a false fact to confuse. You don't have to!
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.
I got tagged by both Flashfresh and Wensley
So, now I'll tag the following bloggers:
Spectre (Maybe he'll post one more time?)
I don't really know that many other bloggers who haven't already tagged me..
tssk, tssk I really need to get involved in the community a bit more lol.

But now for some more pvp oriented blogging, eh?

Pvp, an Overview Part II

As many of you have known that assault frigates recently got a buff in the last patch. This prompts the next subject of The Overview: Battleships Online has turned into David vs Goliath Online. In other words, larger ships have a much harder time hitting smaller ships.

There are a few things which factor into how often a ship will hit it's target. First off, is optimal range + falloff. If your target is out of range, you won't be able to hit it; obviously. But frigates are meant to get in close and personal, so how are they to avoid getting wtfbbq'ed by a battleship (or any decently large ship)?

The answer is something called transversal velocity. Imagine a battleship, shooting at a stationary target. That target will pop very quickly. Now imagine that battleship, with a small circle around it, and the target is following that circle (orbiting the battleship). This creates transversal velocity, where your ship moves faster than your opponent's turrets can rotate.

To maximize your transversal, you want to do three key things. First, ensure that the circle is as small as possible [get in as close as possible]. If you are going 800m/s with an afterburner (a reasonable speed) 500m away from your target, you are probably just fine. Now, if you are going 800m/s but 20km away from your target... not so much.

The second thing is speed itself, if you are orbiting your target at 10m/s; your as good as dead. So, get your ship going as fast as possible, in this case speed is your tank. Speed can be increased by using the following low slot modules: Nanofibers, overdrives, and inertial stabilizers.

Some of the more savy of you may have noted that I listed inertia stabs; they do not actually increase your speed. But they do help increase your transversal velocity. How so? you may ask. Think about it like this, why can't a battleship orbit another battleship and be immune from damage, even if it is going 800m/s like a frigate? Simply because it can't turn fast enough thus increasing our imaginary circle. An inertia stab helps decrease our circle and thus further increases your transversal.

The third major factor in transversal is what is known as your signature radius. A frigate has a sig radius of about 40m while a battleship has one of over 400m. The most obvious effect of the sig radius is locking times, a frigate can lock a battleship in 2 or 3 seconds, while that battleship may spend 20seconds or so locking the frigate. The other major function of sig radii is that of being a circular target which you might find at an archery range. Obviously, the smaller of a target you are, the harder for your enemies to hit you. This also leads into one of two reasons why you should generally use an Afterburner over a Microwarpdrive when relying on speed for life like this.

When a microwarp drive is activated, the sig radius of a ship increases by a multiple of 5. Thus, a frigate would effectively have the sig radius of a battlecruiser, making it an easy target for the battleship. Also, if you get warp scrambled (as opposed to disrupted), your MWD gets shut off, leaving you up the creek with no paddle. Also, MWD's nerf your capacitor by 25% (with the exception of the Thorax cruiser), which is very precious to you newer players.
[You can train the skills of Energy Systems Operations and Energy Management (sp?), to increase your capacitor size and recharge, these are nice skills.]

So, how might a battleship (goliath) slaughter the davids that assault him? There are a few methods, ranging from smartbombing the bastards to oblivion, which is hilarious if it works. You can also let loose some drones on them, but they can be destroyed. You can try webbing them, which may or may not help you enough (they only decrease speed by ~50%, not 90%). You can fit tracking computers to increase your turrets' tracking, or target painters to increase your target's sig radius. Another option is to have a heavy energy neutralizer offlined, and when you need it online it, neut the imputous frigate and then laugh maniacally as it is 1 volleyed by your ship.

Or you can bring more goliaths. It is rather hard to maintain transversal velocities against multiple enemies.

But they could also bring more davids.

At any rate, a frigate is not guaranteed a BS kill if it gets a tackle; even though some may inscessantly wine about the cruelty of CCP. But assault frigs just rock now. [But don't fly them unless you know what you are doing, they are expensive as all get out-- 20m per ishkur which is non-insurable!]

In other world changing news, I am now officially a part of The Bastards!
[Trumpets blare, kings of Olde bow and pay their respects... I unbann Garmo--]

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PvP, an Overview

Reflecting back on my earlier days, it occurred to me that I have myself provided a few lolfits to others.

A shield tanked thorax complete with rails

A dual repped brutix with 100MM plate!!, 1x mag stab, and no point
A rail thorax with 0 tank
A myrm fitted with rails and a t1 half hearted passive tank [which I probably fit by accident]

I seemed to like rails a lot back then... So, I've decided to try and help others avoid the same pitfalls that I didn't avoid.

First things first, if you're reading this guide and actually learning stuff from it-- you shouldn't be flying anything bigger than a frigate into battle. In your case, bigger is worse.

And thus the first rule of Eve, only fit and fly what you can afford to lose.

Now, on to modules and fitting, the better you fit your ship, the more likely you'll be victorious. However, beware of falling for the uber expensive pwnmobile mirage, no such thing exists and it will die at the first gate camp. Along with all your isk.

The slots on a ship are divided into highs, mediums [mids], and lows.

Generally speaking, all weapons go into high slots [hybrids, projectiles, missiles, lasers].

The mid slots are much more multitaskable, they generally carry the pvp trinity [propulsion mod (afterburner or microwarp drive), warp jammer, and web]. However, the mid slots also host a large variaty of other gear, including ECM, ECCM [the counter to ECM], and shield tanking.

The lows generally fit armor tanking modules or weapon upgrade modules [make your weapons deal more damage].

In your case, you'll be flying a frigate. So, your mids will certainly be filled up with as much of the pvp trinity as you can fit. I recommend a 1mn AfterBurner, a warp jammer, and if possible a stasis webifier. The AB will allow you to move quickly, around the 800m/s range for frigates. The warp jammer will obviously keep your opponent from warping away. The stasis web is optional, but it will slow your oponent down by about half.

Now, the rest of your ship highs and lows must be fitted. Normally, this comes down to the question of wether the ship will tank [survive sustained damage from enemies] or gank [kill enemies with high amounts of damage per second].

In the case of a frigate, which is the ship you will be flying, there is little point in tanking considering the fact that frigates are so fragile to begin with. So therefore, your frigate will be fitted for gank power.

This leads into the question of what type of weapon system your ship will be using. I highly recommend blasters [gallente] or autocannons [minmatar]. If you pick blasters, you should start out with the Incursus, a cheap and proven pvp frigate.

A quick side note on blasters, electron blasters do the least damage but are the easiest to fit, while the neutrons do the most damage and are the hardest to fit. The ion blasters are the middleground between electrons and neutrons.

Depending on which weapon system you choose, for a gank fit you should ideally fit your lows with three of the appropriate weapon upgrade system. For blasters, magnetic field stabilizers; projectiles, gyrostabilizers; lasers, heatsinks; missiles, ballistic control systems.

A recommended incursus fit:
3x Light Electron Blaster I loaded w/ Antimatter charge S

1MN Afterburner
Warp Scrambler [7.5km optimal, 2 points of scrambling]

2x Magnetic Field Stabilizer

1x Hobgoblin Drone I

With my skills, this is a cap stable ship, travels 714m/s and does 109 dps. EFT estimates the price at 649,000 ISK.

Thus the first part of my pvp guide is concluded, if you detect any mistakes please let me know. I will be posting follow up parts soon.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Better

Just as I finished up Tally Raya's new Portable Regenerative Therapy Pod 2000; the com port began to bleep. I rushed across the rather spacious bridge of my new Myrmidon to the console and read the incoming dispatch: "Assemble for fleet roam on Arnher gate."
I ordered the chief, "warp us to the Arnher gate with full deliberate speed!" As the fleet assembled, the gate flashed. Crews were called to battlestations, weapons readied.

A lone typhoon arrived amongst us.
He died a fiery death.

We began to reform for our roam; but every few minutes someone would appear on scan. There was constant action all day long. The end tally was 39 kills and 6 losses (3 frigs, 2 t2 frigs, and 1 bs). We were so busy that the roam never happened...

"Sir, an autopiloting hoarder has warped in!" cried the helmsman. Although in no immediate danger, I habitually assed the situation, there was my Myrmidon and a friend's Dominix arrayed against this very 'formidable' force.

Don't AP haulers in Low Sec.

As we began to reform yet again for the mythical roaming op; a nanoed Rupture jumped in. I only got my warp disruptor on him.

But a killmail is a killmail.

After a busy day, I swapped to my hauler alt and did some shopping. On my way back, I saw the Typhoon pilot we killed awhile ago on his way back to Evati. Alerting my comrades; we readied a gate camp for his second typhoon.

Maybe the third time will be better (for him).

As I put down my log, satisfied with the day's work; the communication console began to blare.

[ 2008.11.30 01:38:11 ] RnProphet > FUCK, I NEED A HAULER NOW
[ 2008.11.30 01:38:17 ] Lanissum > wher?
[ 2008.11.30 01:38:19 ] RnProphet > UNANCHORED TOWER IN ARNHER

I dropped everything and began to put on my hauler alt disguise; only considering the redundancy of the disguise as I leapt aboard my Bestower. [I'm Trader Altz]

[ 2008.11.30 01:39:47 ] Trader Altz > Hauler here
[ 2008.11.30 01:39:51 ] Trader Altz > in Evati, omw to Arnher
[ 2008.11.30 01:39:58 ] Trader Altz > Planet-moon please
[ 2008.11.30 01:40:19 ] RnProphet > have to get back
[ 2008.11.30 01:40:31 ] Trader Altz > What planet moon
[ 2008.11.30 01:40:46 ] Trader Altz > ???
[ 2008.11.30 01:41:09 ] RnProphet > i forgot, have to scan again
[ 2008.11.30 01:41:42 ] RnProphet > V 10

The warp bubble disintegrated around the Bestower; the Tower was just ahead, almost within scooping range. The Crow and Rifter that were flying escort were nearby as I scooped the tower and hightailed it out of there for a station; expecting an ambush at any moment. After the tower was secured, I shot off an email to the CEO of the corp that formerly owned it.

I accidentally found a pos in my hanger named Red Flag Staff.
I have meted out appropriate punishments to the gremlins
responsible for this attrocity.I am willing to give back this pos
to you for 198 mil and a forum post detailing, in regalling fashion,
the exploits of the infamous pirate Lanissum. [Negotiable]

Trader Altz

The CEO explained to me that the pos was in the process of being removed, but that the hauler got ganked in a gate camp mid operation.

[ 2008.11.30 02:12:41 ] Trader Altz > I'm glad I could help you finish the operation :)
[ 2008.11.30 02:12:54 ] Vicegrip > well with a name like you've got
[ 2008.11.30 02:13:02 ] Vicegrip > I wouldn't expect you to do anybody a favor
[Duh, I'm a pirate for god's sake]

He rejected the offer, so I am ferrying the pos to the markets of Jita as I write this post.

Apparently, some of the famed Bastards' luck is rubbing off on me.
And Spectre, I'm better.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Scam ahoy!

As you well know, I make most of my money by scamming people. Last night, on my second attempt at selling overpriced ships to a person, I nailed a 300m deal.
[Slightly edited] Me
[ 2008.11.26 01:12:43 ] A'bir > yes?
[ 2008.11.26 01:12:53 ] A'bir > sup
[ 2008.11.26 01:12:54 ] Me> I'd like to sell you some interesting stuff.
[ 2008.11.26 01:13:20 ] A'bir > sure
[ 2008.11.26 01:13:29 ] Me > Righto; I've got 6 on me, how many would you like?
[ 2008.11.26 01:13:45 ] A'bir > 3
[ 2008.11.26 01:13:47 ] Me > kk
[ 2008.11.26 01:14:04 ] Me > I'll throw em in when your ready
[ 2008.11.26 01:14:14 ] A'bir > go ahead
[ 2008.11.26 01:14:20 ] Me > kk
[ 2008.11.26 01:14:41 ] A'bir > 50 each?
[ 2008.11.26 01:14:44 ] Me > Yep
[ 2008.11.26 01:14:47 ] Me > 150m total
[ 2008.11.26 01:15:04 ] A'bir > gimme all 6 then
[ 2008.11.26 01:15:12 ] Me > kk, that'll be 300m total
[ 2008.11.26 01:15:20 ] A'bir > k
[ 2008.11.26 01:15:26 ] Me > Ready
[Trade completed, 300m richer]
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:00 ] A'bir > why u get rid of 'em?
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:11 ] Me > Namely b/c I just don't feel like keeping them
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:34 ] A'bir > okay, well nice doing business with you
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:39 ] A'bir > why me?
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:39 ] Me > Same, fly safe now
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:49 ] Me > You were at the top of the station guest list; :)
[ 2008.11.26 01:16:54 ] A'bir > haha, win
[ 2008.11.26 01:17:03 ] A'bir > thanks, bud, take care, and good luck in Jita
[ 2008.11.26 01:17:08 ] Me > You too; ty
[ 2008.11.26 01:17:10 ] A'bir > o7

I sure wish I could see the looks on the faces of some of these people who fall so badly for this scam.

Today, I convoed an '03 char with the same deal, however, I started off badly by pasting in a response for a different convo.

[ 2008.11.27 21:48:03 ] Me > Me > You can resell them for about 30m profit per ship (I'd be doing that If I had the contracts to do so)
[ 2008.11.27 21:48:33 ] Kerzogg > resell what
[ 2008.11.27 21:48:47 ] Me > Lol, Interesting Stuff
[ 2008.11.27 21:48:54 ] Me > I'm selling them to you for 50m a pop
[ 2008.11.27 21:49:38 ] Me > You interested?
[ 2008.11.27 21:50:01 ] Kerzogg > sure, i will take 4 for now
[ 2008.11.27 21:50:09 ] Me > Kk, that'll be 200m total
[ 2008.11.27 21:50:17 ] Me > I'll throw them in when your ready
[ 2008.11.27 21:50:42 ] Me > Ready now
[ 2008.11.27 21:50:42 ] Me > ready

[200m into my pocket]

[ 2008.11.27 21:51:15 ] Me > Your an 03 player
[ 2008.11.27 21:51:20 ]Me > and you fell fot this 0_o
[ 2008.11.27 21:52:01 ] Me > Have you ever been scammed before?
[ 2008.11.27 21:52:44 ] Kerzogg > nope , trusting guy shouldnt play i guess
[ 2008.11.27 21:53:01 ] Me > Not really
[ 2008.11.27 21:53:19 ] Kerzogg > well thanks for the lesson, can i get my money back
[ 2008.11.27 21:53:17 ] Me > Mind if I ask how much isk you have left?
[ 2008.11.27 21:53:34 ] Kerzogg > 252 mil isk
[ 2008.11.27 21:53:36 ] Me > kk
[ 2008.11.27 21:53:52 ] Kerzogg > Minus your fee of course

[What fee?]
I give it some thought, this guy is probably sweating/angry/not thinking straight since he apparently wants his money back... so I decide to try and play this guy a bit longer.

[ 2008.11.27 21:53:56 ] Me > I'lll give you your money back
[ 2008.11.27 21:54:03 ] Me > since your a good sport
[ 2008.11.27 21:54:31 ] Kerzogg > i will even keep the ships for 4 mil each
[ 2008.11.27 21:54:42 ] Me > Right

I create a contract to give him his money back. However, instead of actually giving 200m to him, it just takes 200m more from him. I make it and let the ball roll.

[ 2008.11.27 21:54:56 ] Me > Contract created
[ 2008.11.27 21:55:11 ] Me > Just accept and you've got your money; I would appreciate it if you would send back 16m

Add another touch of extraneous info for the mark to think about.

[ 2008.11.27 21:55:14 ] Me > to cover the Interesting Stuff

He accepted the contract, depositing 200m more into my wallet. My excitement shows in my poor grammar on the next line. [Good grammar is a good thing for a scammer]

[ 2008.11.27 21:55:58 ] Me > RIghto; and the 16m?
[ 2008.11.27 21:56:39 ] Kerzogg > i sent it to you by right clicking on your anme and giving money\
[ 2008.11.27 21:56:41 ] Me > Thanks alot m8

He actually sent me the 16m :) I figure that I might as well tell him that he's been taught a second lesson in one session XD.

[ 2008.11.27 21:57:02 ] Me > You should have about 30m now
[ 2008.11.27 21:57:30 ] Kerzogg > well, thanks for the ships, and the lesson too.

[Correction, LESSONS]

[ 2008.11.27 21:57:34 ] Me > Np
[ 2008.11.27 21:58:13 ] Me > Have a nice day

So, in a total of about an hour and a half, I made 716m off of two guys. I also made a few hundred mil off of other small time buyers too.
Scamming is almost as fun as pirating.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Dear...

Shields down, armor taking damage sir! Shouted my crew chief. I considered my options; it was now apparent that I would not be able to defeat this myrmidon in my thorax even though the pilot was younger than myself.

After a moment's deliberation, I gave the order to deagress, and mwd to the gate; pronto.
Sir, our MWD is not working!

I was going down; about to lose my first ship in almost a month. I rushed to the pod, dragging TallyRaya's newly regenerated corpse all the way. Brushing aside panicked crew members with practiced ease, I readied the pod for ejection.

After getting my pod out of there; I had a chat with the victor, he explained to me that they actually did implement the warpscram kills mwd idea. As I was unaware of this change, I charged into battle, safe in the knowledge that I could just mwd out if necessary.

Obviously, I was wrong; but I think that this is a good thing. For starters, afterburners and warp scramblers are now viable pvp mods on cruisers. Just because I lost a ship learning this fact doesn't make it 'bad'.

I will, however, go over the release notes before getting into any more fights.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, the Irony?!

Haven't had much time to do eve due to RL circumstances right now-- but I'm still there :)

As for the irony; eve-pirate.com posted a story [copy of a blog post] that I submitted eons ago.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm still here

I'm just in a bit of limbo, eve-wise; Lanissum has applied to The Bastards, finished tech 2 blasters \0/.

Just gonna wait and see what changes time brings.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Future?

This post isn't really about my most recent experiences pirating.. because I haven't been doing a lot of pirating as of late. As much as I hate to say it, it seems that the move to Avenod was a bad idea; as several members left, there aren't many targets, and it seems that people are just not as active as they once were. I am considering (*Just* considering) several options as to what I want to do in the future.

A: Stick it out with python, maybe get them to move back to Auro or somewhere better than this.

B: Raise my sec status and join a privateer alliance corp

C: Join another pirate corp (The Bastards, Tuskers, look like good candidates)

D: Buy a new char (2.25 Bil ftw... but then I wouldn't have 2.25 Bil anymore, now would I?)

I'd rather stay with Python; but it is boring right now; what I think I'll probably do is hook up with the Bastards and just fly around with them (not join them) for awhile, as I may merely be suffering from a case of acute boredom.

As for 'solving' Python's problem that is Avenod.. I don't know, I'm not a CEO afterall. But Aurohunen sure looks better from this side of the fence.

That said, only time will tell what I really will do; I only know it will involve extensive hull mining.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Win

When I joined Python, I had only 120 mil isk to my name.
A month later, I had only 180 mil isk to my name.

I grew weary of blowing up carebears who would only go back and buy a new ship with their nearly infinite wells of isk. I was sick of having to economically fit my ships.

I wanted to hurt the carebears where it counted.
Their wallets.

Thus, I began to scam them, in the 'safety' of high sec.
It's really just market pvp I said to myself.

And hurt them I did.

They cried, badly.

Barackas Durmuk > well the be careful when ur in low sec i let my buds know to look for you

Vengal Seyhan > BLocked and set red :D Hope you don't enter lowsec, mate :D

[Danila Killer] <100m>
2008.09.28 00:49
Do not meet at me on a way... For such deceit I will find you and I will kill...

[Crentek Del'shabeer]<100m>
2008.10.03 00:55
I love hatemail as much as the next guy, but seriously, I hope you get terminal cancer in real life.

Barackas Durmuk sent the isk even before I had opened the trade window.
All 101 million of it.
Then, I convinced him to send me 20 mil more isk so I could 'cancel a contract and give it back'
I also got my scamming material back from him too.

I scammed 1,473,100,00 isk
I my wallet has finally reached 1,019,000 ISK (I used some of the isk as I got it)
1 Bn isk may not seem like much to some of you. But before I started scamming, I never had more than 180 mil.

Yes, I know I'm literally waving my epeen, why are you watching?
[Click on the image above to see my wallet]

I confine all lieing to my scammer alt. When Lani says x mil or your pod/ship; want a 1v1 etc; he will ALWAYS honor his word. But now, I just don't need to ransom people.

Man, writing up posts at 12:30 my time really does result in poor gramarz and bud speling..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Home, New Gang, New Targets.

Pat.. Pat.. Pat.. My feet pounded down the corridor to the pod. I had skipped the highly recommended medical procedures before getting hooked up. It was certainly a desperate time. Why in the name of all that is good did I have to sleep in the middle of low sec? My thorax was helpless whilst I rested. I finally reached the pod and booted up my ship; feeling the power of the cruiser enter my mind. I took stock of my surroundings, a vagabond 2 vexors and a few other frigates. Not Good. My crew chief opened a channel to me, pleading "Do something before we all die!" I responded with a "Correction, before all of you die." And closed the convo. So what was I going to do.... Oh, my ship just warped out, back to where it was before I left my pod. How convenient.. a logONski.

Our new home was proving to be rather nice; it apparently lacks the blobs that were a fairly regular occurance in Aurohunen. And the local 'pvp fest sytem' (PFS) where people just seem to congregate to kill eachother is a mere 6 jumps away. We are also in a low-high sec border system, all in all very nice. The only problem though is that the local Jita, Hek, is about 7 jumps away.. not much fun to do in a hauler. But oh well, get some lose some.

Back to the present, however. Scanning local, I noticed a noob in a thrasher; since I he was apparently not at a belt, I simply invited him to fleet up with me. He accepts of course. I begin my warp, to the tune of an openening channel:

[ 2008.10.11 17:59:42 ] Adelai Nyska > Are you gonna kill me?

Thinking fast, I deny this since with the explanation that blinky red means I specialize in helping others by the means of asset alchemy (from ship to space dust). As my ship leaves warp, I immediatly begin resolving my lock on him, the poor kid.

I'm nice, and let my drones do the work.

Floating in my safespot, I see yet another thrasher on scan. He too is doing one of those cosmic anomalies; hmm, ah, but he has joined my fleet, warping in now. As soon as I leave warp, I resolve my lock and disrupt him. However, there is much pleading in fleet.

[ 2008.10.11 18:01:05 ] Adelai Nyska > Please dont
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:09 ] Lanissum > why not
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:17 ] Adelai Nyska > Because I have nothing
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:20 ] Lanissum > how much is your ship to you?
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:28 ] Adelai Nyska > You wont get anything valuable from me
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:34 ] Lanissum > no ransom?
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:36 ] Adelai Nyska > I have 3 mill
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:42 ] Lanissum > then pay up m8
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:57 ] Lanissum > i'm shooting 1 blaster, you got till it blows you up
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:59 ] Adelai Nyska > ok ok
[ 2008.10.11 18:02:33 ] Lanissum > 30 seconds
[ 2008.10.11 18:02:42 ] Lanissum > hm, close enough
[ 2008.10.11 18:02:46 ] Lanissum > fly safer

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't destroyers only worth about 1 mil? Then there's insurance... well, he was willing to pay it. But then he might've had some second thoughts, as he sent this mail shortly afterwards.

(Reversed it for ease of reading)

2008.10.11 18:04

2008.10.11 18:05
Its eve, just be glad I'm an honorable pirate and didn't blow your silly litle boat up.


2008.10.11 18:06



Somethings are priceless, such as the rage of a noob who thinks (as I once did) that this is wow or something.


Later, we formed up a giant gang (for python, we seem to be doing that alot more nowadays). We eventually scanned down a hurrican ratting or something and all warped in to get him.
However, he was mwding faster than any of us (he neuted the frigs, and blew a few up). We proceeded to chase him about 70 km from the center of the belt. Now, there are about 12 ships all chasing this lone hurricane in a pell mell fashion, he may have been trying to string us out so he could gank a ship of ours (he did get a frig).. but then he just stopped.
[Video below]

This happens when 12 pirates catch up to you.

We got a lock on his pod, and were going to ransom it..
(Voip re-enactment)
TJ: Ok guys, lets ransom this pod!
Andrea Sky: Too late, I just fired 6 missiles at him!

This happens when 6 missiles hit a pod.

At least I got in on the kill mail.
Helps to sooth my compulsive kb needs...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Caracals Suck Bad

Sometimes I wonder what CCCP was thinking when they made this amazingly fail ship. In my entire pirating career, I have never lost 1v1 to one. Even in frigs.

Just today, we had a caracal turkey shoot. I found one ratting in a belt, after engaging it in my rifter, it jammed me and got away. Not bad for a 12 day old noob. But, being the noob that he was, he came back and this time I was prepared.

Not 2 minutes later, we found another caracal, killing him too.

Caracals Suck.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Battleship Op

Bleep.... Bleep...BLEEEP. I was startled out of my sleep, cursing everything that breathes. Glancing around for the source of the alarm; I noticed that scanners reported a noob gang consisting of an inty (malediction), bc (hurricane), and bs (raven). The pilots in the gang were all 2008, one was 08.01 the other two were 08.05.. I started to call up a fleet, including Omae Gaw'd; a fellow pirate who we occasionally fly with. While he brought in his mega, I went to our home system to get mine. As I was prepping my mega, OMG asked who was flying what... I had seen them on the gate but had warped out without registering the names but I figured I could just ask them :)

[ 2008.10.02 03:11:22 ] B'Edari > hello
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:23 ] Lanissum > Thats a nice raven you got m8
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:32 ] B'Edari > i'm flying a malediction
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:38 ] Lanissum > Oops XD
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:42 ] B'Edari > maybe you mean t'rok
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:45 ] B'Edari > he has a raven
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:47 ] Lanissum > Ah, ty
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:59 ] B'Edari > np

Such helpfull souls they are; little did they know of our ebil intentions....

By the time our fleet was assembled, we warped in on the gate to find... nothing; but they were obviously ssed very close to the gate, so I stayed on it as bait. However, an unrelated huggin had arrived and started to harass me. When a fellow pirate's thorax jumped in, he was webbed and attacked by the huggin immediately.

I sortof dwadled, weighing my options; attack the huggin and get gate aggro or leave my corpmate to die. I chose a third, worse option of waiting until my corpmate died before I aggroed. Duuuuumb. A friendly scorp warped in and jammed the huggin so I could get out; we all grouped up again.

However, a newer pilot who we had invited to the fleet reported that he was 10km from the huggin and engaging outside of the gate guns' range (how he managed to do that is beyond me). I warped in to find another wreck and once again engaged the huggin. Once again the huggin sat outside of my range and plincked away at my armor... I had come in with only half armor or so; b/c of the gate guns, so I started to call in my fleet mates so we could finally gank this extremely annoying huggin pilot. However, the malediction and hurrican from the other gang warped in and headed for me. By the time they got in range, I was in hull. I engaged the hurrican and began to literally tear his shields, armor, and hull away from him... battleships absolutely own.

At this point, OMG had warped in and we finished murdering the hurricane; but then the raven arrived and popped me. I got my pod out; and the fight was finished without me.

We killed the Huggin, Hurricane, and Malediction; the Raven warped out; and we lost a thorax and my Mega.

I learned a few lessons from this engagement; for starters, I should carry Iron L charges; then I would've been able to effectively engage the Huggin; according to OMG "the mega fears no nano" Also, I shouldn't have aggroed the gate guns for no reason, especially since I probably wouldn't be able to win. Finally, I survived by myself during the 'second match' for about 3 minutes... if we had been a bit more organized, I may have survived the fight. But a few lessons learned = a few less mistakes next time.

Sure, I lost a rigged mega; but I can easily replace it and more. But what really counts is all the fun I had; this fight was an absolute blast! This is what piracy is all about, you won't find this kindof fun missioning in empire.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smack Bites Back

I was stumbling around the station bar... giving people mean stares and talking trash with the walls. Suddenly, my beeper buzzed:

"I've got two caracals and a blackbird here!"

Followed by:

"They're smacking me for running away in my rifter lol:
[02:57:48] Rayf Iosolar > I want his bounty"

I immediately ran for my hanger, screaming at my manager to fire up my thorax. When I got there, it was still firing up so I made some death threats and pulled TallyRaya out of her regenerative therapy a wee bit too early. By the time we were settled into the cockpit, the ship was ready, and I flew the ship into the void of space.

When I got there, we began the hunt.

[ 2008.09.23 03:15:35 ] Bfoster > 6-1
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:44 ] Lanissum > omw
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:47 ] Bfoster > lemme know when ur ready, ill get a point on the bb
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:53 ] Lanissum > just go m8
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:56 ] Bfoster > k
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:57 ] Bfoster > omw
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:58 ] Lanissum > I'm already warping
[ 2008.09.23 03:16:07 ] Bfoster > take out the bb
[ 2008.09.23 03:16:13 ] Lanissum > kk

My ship dropped out of warp, Bfoster was already engaging in his rifter (a nanoed one at that too) The black bird was only 9km away from me, obviously this guy wasn't really all that experienced in pvp. Bfoster announced he had two points on the black bird; so I added another point instead of disrupting the caracal X_X. At any rate, we anihilated the bb before it could jamn any of us.

Smack Bites Back

Bfoster even got his pod. It was just perfect.

A short while later, we engaged a cormorant and the other caracal in a different belt.
Anihilating them.

God, I love piracy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its a trap!

Shit. During the few seconds that I had while under cloak, I paced the bridge of my thorax... considering my options. There was a drake, which would lock and scram me as soon as I uncloaked. I could try and mwd back to the gate; but that hadn't worked well for me. I was racing to catch up to a gang op in my thorax. I decided to mwd the other way, out of warp disruptor range. All hands, general quarters! Comrade Ilishnikov; play the Patriotic Music!

The engines roared, my ship shuddered as it neared it's maximum velocity. I closely watched the drake, it targeted and then disrupted me, as expected. But, unexpectedly, it began to outpace my ship by a good 300m/s! I began to feel the tendrils of death as it neared web range (this drake was known to use webs, and assault missiles too). I flipped on my extremely useful capacitor booster, and hoped that I could instead outlast him.

I was webbed... my ship began to slow down to a snails pace. I was doomed. Throw out the drones, by god I'm not going down without a fight! The hammerheads flew towards their target, and began to pelt him with ineffectual fire. His hams were firing, tearing chunks out of my armor. I did the only thing I could; crank up the Patriotic Music comrade Ilishnikov!

But then, he slowed down, and I got out of web range... but I wasn't out of the woods yet; he still had my ship disrupted. 15km....17km....20km...25km! Warp WARP WARP!!! I screamed into the helm.

A few seconds later, I was safely away, turning down the Patriotic Music.

I'm gonna try and start frapsing a few kills soon; this is just a test. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crime Is Fun.

Pacing back and forth impatiently in my hanger, I was listening to my crew chief stutter about something. I only vaguely understood it to have something to do with safety protocols, but then he said "Sir, I cannot allow you to undock with your thorax!" I simply mentioned that not all of the corpses in my freezer were corpses when they went into it; which solved that problem. I had replaced the webber on my otherwise typical 1600mm thorax with a capacitor booster... Not sure what his problem was.

Hauling TallyRaya's corpse up to the bridge yet again, I prepped up my ship for my next roam, it was a slow night, but maybe I could nab a kill or two before I logged. After traveling a few systems, I scanned down a cormorant in a belt... and a rather typical gank and kill followed. So, now I was waiting out my gcc when corp comm raised the alert- rohk in home system! I was faced with something of a dilema... risk my thorax to the gate guns for a slight chance at a rohk kill? I turned to Tally and stared thoughtfully... as it didn't seem like she was going to give me any advice, I turned back to the pub channel, and requested a buddy to help take gun aggro off of me; he agreed and I undocked to begin the trip home.

But the guns weren't shooting him, they were shooting me.


My shields were down, armor taking damage, but slowly... what should I do. I did the obvious and turned on my repper, as well as continuing my trip. I only made it home because of the cap booster, it is much more usefull than a web.

Arriving in the home system, I read comms; it appeared that the rohk had left... I gave TallyRaya a nice kick; since she obviously leaked our intentions to the rohk pilot. Sitting at my shallow safe, brooding I picked up the following on comms:
"Rohk on scan...."

And shortly after:

"Rohk in 6-1"

No way. A battleship ratting where a destroyer or even frig are suitable? People amaze me at times. Warping in, there was just a friendly phobos and myself... We got points as the others arrived and proceeded to wittle away at his tank. Shortly afterwards he popped. I even out dpsed the phobos, who had arrived before me O_o


We ransomed his pod.. but no response. [whoever got the KM hasn't posted it yet...>_<]

Got about 30 mil loot; so I should be receiving 5 or 6 mil... and who says crime doesn't pay?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We have met the enemy... and I am his!

I was tapping the Jita station console, watching the isk that I've earned from donations of ship parts leave my account... I risked a glance at a nearby police officer; when I was confident that he didn't recognize me for the public enemy that I was, I turned back to my console.

I almost smashed the panel when I saw the bill, just over 10 million isk! It had certainly not been a good week for me... Reflecting on the events of that painful day, I chided myself for my hubris.

It had all started when a drake and myrmidon were detected in local...

[ 2008.09.10 01:43:01 ] Bfoster > do we want the drake?
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:09 ] Bfoster > it just left ss
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:11 ] Lanissum > can't see why not
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:35 ] Lanissum > planet 5, drake
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:46 ] Lanissum > shall I take it?
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:53 ] Spectre3353 > im warping there right now to check him out
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:54 ] Lanissum > drake and myrm, planet 5
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:20 ] Spectre3353 > 100km off
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:20 ] Bfoster > engage?
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:21 ] Spectre3353 > gonna try to tackle
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:24 ] Spectre3353 > wait
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:25 ] Spectre3353 > align to me
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:31 ] Lanissum > aligned
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:36 ] Bfoster > crap
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:41 ] Bfoster > already warped, lol
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:58 ] Spectre3353 > i have the myrm
[ 2008.09.10 01:45:00 ] Spectre3353 > he is a year old

Ok, so we have experienced drake and myrm pilots against a stabber, thorax, and inty. We lost both the stabber and my trusty thorax (which had survived for over a week!).

No biggie, I'll just pull out my Vexy and avoid those pilots. Key word being avoid, kind of hard to do when they set up an unexpected gate camp less than an hour later.


The pilots were very nice, decent, and they even let me have some of my loot back (hey, if it helps the bottom line, no problem asking for it). Due to rl and the fact that I was bereft of any cruisers; I was reduced to the infamous rifter for awhile, not too bad; I still managed to nab a caracal kill an hour after losing my vexor.

Now, however, the question was should I get a new cruiser? Although they do a good deal of dps and can have substantial tanks; they are vulnerable when it comes to getting out of sticky situations. Frigates lack that vulnerability; but they are lacking in general too.

Assault Frigates... That is the answer! Yes, they are rather expensive, and not as insurable; but they combine the escape power of frigates with a good portion of the gank power too. So, I got my first Enyo.

So far, its performance has been stellar. My gang attacked a bait drake, when the backup arrived, we all managed to get out; it may have been different with my thorax or vexor. We then managed to gank that thorax on a gate-- I even survived a decent amount of gate fire.

Later, that same night, we found and ganked a frig and vexor in Tama; but were jumped by a large blob (a perfectly legit tactic, since we pirates essentially replicate it in miniature when we attack targets in belts). We lost our thorax (spectre) and incursus (thurxus); but I managed to escape with a pod kill. Spectre noted that even though outnumbered; we managed to kill a cruiser, frigate, and pod which they were only able to equal despite their numbers.

Although I found myself a bit unprepared for the first losses I've had in over a week, I've learned to respect t2 frigs more than I have in the past, as well as the enemy...

When I was leaving Tama tonight, I got some new fan 'mail'

[ 2008.09.12 04:18:32 ] Lanissum > gf
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:37 ] Nadezjda Allilujeva > BYE BYE S**THEADS
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:39 ] Diverux > muahaha
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:40 ] Rykeir > gf
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:47 ] Spectre3353 > we are s**theads...? for what? :P
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:53 ] Lanissum > Lol
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:57 ] Rykeir > being noob
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:18 ] Spectre3353 > you brought 700 ships to bring 2 frigs and a cruiser
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:22 ] Spectre3353 > i think you might be the newb :/
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:28 ] Spectre3353 > bring = kill
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:44 ] Rykeir > death +me = u
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:54 ] Lanissum > I'm still alive

Friday, September 5, 2008

Carrier Kill!

Grumbling in my bridge seat, I gate TallyRaya (my loyal corpse) a good kick... Since he didn't seem to mind and because it was an exceptionally slow day, I gave him another. Then my comm started blinking; bringing it up, I read "carrier camping Dantumi gate, x up for gank" As far as I knew, we only had a few cruisers on call; so I sortof thrashed around for a few minutes in my hanger, trying to set up a brutix.

Arg, I'm never going to be able to get her set up in time! I exclamed in a hanger devoid of others. I glanced over at my trusty Thorax, which had seen me through several kills and near deaths. Would I dare to take her against a carrier-- and the gate guns? Finally overcomming my intense fear of capital ships, I undocked and warped to the gate where the others (including some fellow pvpers who we normally shoot at) were engaging this lone carrier.

I threw out my hammerheads and started up my blasters; wary of any reinforcements. It took quite a long time, but our gang of about 9 ships which included a few battleships, battlecruisers, and two cruisers finally destroyed the carrier. No help arrived at all. We gathered up the loot, and everyone involed made on the order of 28 million isk.
I'm still in shock, we managed a capital ship kill with zero losses!

Warping back to base, I gave TallyRaya a good pat on the back.

Carrier Kill

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Die Drake Die!

Stepping into my hanger, I resumed my normal non-drunk posture; and looked through my ships... Would I take the rifter today? Nah, the Thorax has been performing well, she deserves to go out again! With that, I hauled TallyRaya's corpse to the bridge and prepped for undocking.
Several hours later, with no kills, a noob drake jumped into system and our gang began the search.... Was he at a belt... Nope, a moon.... nope... Safespot? Arg, no probe ships!

Then Lars Lodar, the FC just invited him to fleet... and he accepeted! Immediately, I typed into fleet chat:

Thurxus > i'm going to log
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:30 ] Thurxus > night
[Sampson Dakota Joins Fleet]
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:36 ] Lanissum > WARP TO HIM
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:52 ] Sampson Dakota > whos this?

Oh **** I'm so stupid...

I swear, TallyRaya must've jumped in his seat... We exited warp, at a gate, and threw ourselves in. Lars got a point on him, but Thurx and I had to slow boat into range since our MWDs didn't work. But then Lars got ECMed and lost point, subsequently resulting in the drake's escape. We were all somewhat frustrated, Lars and I followed him into a neighboring system since we could get through gates with a GCC. The drake docked up, so Lars and I sat around looking for new targets.

Several minutes later, the drake logged back on, and was sighted on scan but at a station... Lars and I were still in local and were about to give up on getting this drake. However, I gave the scan one more pass, and it looked like he was in a belt... Could it be, that we had found a drake pilot who, after narrowly avoiding death, was ratting in a system with not one but two pirates looking for him? Nah, no one is that noobish; but I warped in anyways, since no one else was around.

He was there. I pointed him, threw out my ECM drones, and called in Lars; who arrived shortly there after.


We even managed to get his pod, in a thorax and a drake... he had at least 10 seconds to flee... He declined a ransom of 10 million, and died shortly afterwards.

Sampson Dakota

We got the loot, but then a command ship warped in; we both fled, although Lars was almost caught.

It was a nice kill, considering all the work that went into it, but crap loot. Although, I do think it's safe to say that this is the most 'interesting' drake pilot I've ever seen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Close Calls

Turning back from TallyRaya's frozen corpse, I rumminated on the fact that it had been a *very* slow day to day... Only having destroyed a kestral and then it's pod. Jumping through the gate at the tail end of a returning roam, Spectre and Andrea Skye had killed a ship on the gate and warped off (although spectre lost his vexor). So, I spent some time picking up the loot and spectre's wreck; then my proximity alarms went off! Quickly going through my overview, I sighted a drake-- since I was now an outlaw; I started heading for the gate, my only escape. But then I was webbed, scrammed, and taking damage fast! I didn't dare shoot, lest I be held back from the gate... but it didn't seem like I was going to make it; I went through my options and threw out my ecm drones in a desparate gambit. After a few seconds, they managed to break his lock, I immediately warped out and left my drones behind. Bending TallyRaya over, I checked my ship integrity-- 56% hull! Wow, that was a close one.... I went back to station, repped my ship, and got some new ecm drones.

We assembled a new gang to hunt down the drake pilot and eventually we met up again in a belt. It was a small gang fight, we had a hurricane, enyo, thorax (me), and another battlecruiser vs. Their drake and harby. They were baited to a belt by one of our bcs-- which died soon after the rest of us arrived... We were able to kill the harby but not the drake, since they brought in an amarr battleship, we all scooted out of there asap, checking my ship integrity again-- 10% hull!

Not a real prosperous day, but I didn't die, so I must be doing something right!

It appears the Spectre3353 has quit Eve; I will miss him, as it was his blog which brought me into piracy. Please pay your respects to him at his blog, Newb.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mining Hulls Off Ships is Profitable

Well, in the span of 1 hour and 21 minutes, I have been involved in the deaths of a:
And have collected the following loot:

5x hammerhead II 3.545 mil
1x Valkyrie II .450 mil
1x EANM II 1.2 mil
1x Y-TB OverCharged Hydrocarbon MWD 3.5 mil
1x Expanded Cargohold II .714 mil
1x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II 1.5 mil
2x Heavy Missile Launcher II 1.9 mil
1x Large F-s9 Regolith Shield Extender .4 mil
1x Survey Scanner II 3 mil
4900x Flameburts Light missile .0245 mil
5010x Sabretooth Light Missile .035 mil
9742x Bloodclaw Light Missile .053 mil
2423x Stalker F.O.F. Heavy Missile .060 mil
118x Federation Navy Antimatter M .118 mil
16,499,500 Isk

Life is Good.

What goes up must come down

Staggering out of my bunk room, I stumbled my way towards my hanger... 'anti' pirates looked upon me in disgust, not knowing my true intentions. I wasn't drunk, I don't drink; I just like to look like my fellow pirates who do drink... After entering my hanger, I looked upon my small fleet of ships, I was going to go can flipping today, since I wouldn't be able to do it for much longer. My eyes fell upon my vexor, and I saw goodness. Before getting prepped, I had to get my ship companion, a fellow pirate likes horses.. but they smell. Realizing that I had no exotic dancers (trade items\live stock) I went for the next best thing: my meat locker. It took me awhile to drag the frozen corpse of TallyRaya to my bridge, but I finally did and buckled us both in (I think I need to turn down the freezer temp, he doesn't look too good).

After entering a suitable system for flipping, I was noticed my comm console blinking... Who could that be? It was Alenas Mcnabb, a noob who I had tried to gank in my incursus vs. his caracal. I had warped out with damage to my hull, this conversation followed shortly after:

[ 2008.09.01 19:08:57 ] Alenas mcnabb > coward faggot
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:10 ] Lanissum > want to finish this?
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:14 ] Lanissum > meet me at planet 4
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:24 ] Alenas mcnabb > only with you
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:31 ] Lanissum > hmm
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:44 ] Lanissum > if you'll let me get my cruiser, i'll do a 1v1 with you
[ 2008.09.01 19:10:02 ] Lanissum > fair enough?
[ 2008.09.01 19:10:06 ] TwiceDAsiZe > with who?
[ 2008.09.01 19:10:14 ] Lanissum > this guy, alenas
[ 2008.09.01 19:11:08 ] Lanissum > you up for that alenas?
[ 2008.09.01 19:11:42 ] Alenas mcnabb > lol if i new i coujld trust you faggot i might but your a coward and will bring freinds
[ 2008.09.01 19:12:23 ] Lanissum > tell you what, I'll kick twice, you find a nice safe spot-- unwarpable object- only us in the fleet, no others can interrupt our 1v1
[ 2008.09.01 19:14:05 ] Lanissum > is that good?
[ 2008.09.01 19:15:12 ] Alenas mcnabb > hmm what ship you use?
[ 2008.09.01 19:15:20 ] Lanissum > vexor, t1
[ 2008.09.01 19:19:06 ] Lanissum > I got 3 min left on my gcc
[ 2008.09.01 19:20:43 ] Lanissum > just 1 more minute, you up for it?
[ 2008.09.01 19:22:19 ] Alenas mcnabb > il take you down later when we have equil ships
[ 2008.09.01 19:22:23 ] Lanissum > if you want more security, we can fight on a gate (I take your can, you fire first shot, n1 can interrupt w/o guns shooting them)
[ 2008.09.01 19:22:34 ] Lanissum > Equal? vexor is a cruiser

Noticing that this person was in local, I opened of the convo.

[ 2008.09.01 20:52:55 ] Lanissum > do you want something?
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:26 ] Alenas mcnabb > you'll find out soon enugh
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:33 ] Lanissum > oooh, i'm scared now
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:48 ] Lanissum > you still want that 1v1?
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:49 ] Alenas mcnabb > lol indeed you should be mother f***** your goona die

Hmm.. I grow weary of empty threats and snobbery; let us find this person and destroy them! I snarled to TallyRaya, my loyal corpse (he looked a bit wet). So, I warped to planet 7, and proceeded to goad him into fighting me.. It took awhile for him to work up his courage, but he did eventually fight.

Caracal Vs Vexor

After this, he was *much* nicer to me, almost a sycophant really. He even asked for his loot back! Well, I gave some of it back, about 10km off of a station.

Osprey Vs Vexor

So, after this, he brought in some of his buddies, in a Raven Navy Issue and a Hyperion... to 'deal' with me. So, were all at a planet (except Alenas Mcnabb, who probably had enough of me today) flying around; I'm sizing up my *potential* oponents, one of them is about 6 or 7 months old... I *might* be able to take him on. I told them that I was going to refit my ship and be right back, I threw on a ship scanner (if he didn't have a scambler etc... I'd have given it a go) but when I warped back... nothing. Except a convo by their 'leader' Hockshi Nvek.

[Edited for brevity]
[ 2008.09.01 22:23:28 ] Lanissum > 0/
[ 2008.09.01 22:23:58 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Evening.
[ 2008.09.01 22:24:05 ] Lanissum > Evening
[ 2008.09.01 22:24:23 ] Hokshi Nvekk > What are you playing at?
[ 2008.09.01 22:25:59 ] Lanissum > nothing, just seems like you want a fight, and I might be able to give it
[ 2008.09.01 22:26:57 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you just destroy a ship belonging to one of my Corp members?
[ 2008.09.01 22:27:03 ] Lanissum > 2 actually
[ 2008.09.01 22:27:21 ] Hokshi Nvekk > 2?
[ 2008.09.01 22:27:27 ] Lanissum > caracal and osprey
[ 2008.09.01 22:28:04 ] Hokshi Nvekk > I see. & why the Osprey?
[ 2008.09.01 22:28:14 ] Lanissum > cause I can, dude I'm a pirate
[ 2008.09.01 22:29:26 ] Lanissum > you comming?
[ 2008.09.01 22:30:57 ] Hokshi Nvekk > we do not pay ransoms.
[ 2008.09.01 22:31:15 ] Lanissum > right, well are you going to fight me or not? i'm at planet 7
[ 2008.09.01 22:31:27 ] Lanissum > I'm getting board sitting here
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:09 ] Hokshi Nvekk > You are not the first griefer we have dealt with you know.
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:18 ] Lanissum > I don't see a whole lot of dealing XD
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:11 ] Lanissum > you got 1 minute to show up, or I declare you a coward
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:57 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Declare all you like. all pirates are cowards including you (especially Gallente).
[ 2008.09.01 22:34:02 ] Lanissum > me?
[ 2008.09.01 22:34:10 ] Lanissum > i'm the one sitting here, waiting for you to attack
[ 2008.09.01 22:34:59 ] Hokshi Nvekk > You had ample opportunity before but didn't fire. What's up hoping concord will do your dirty work?
[ 2008.09.01 22:35:37 ] Lanissum > No, i droped a can, you didn't take it
[ 2008.09.01 22:35:55 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Lol didn't see it :)
[ 2008.09.01 22:36:07 ] Lanissum > at the station, I still have one out
[ 2008.09.01 22:36:23 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Unless one of the others picked it up.
[ 2008.09.01 22:36:47 ] Lanissum > beats me, I'm leaving; since your obviusly not going to fight
[ 2008.09.01 22:37:01 ] Hokshi Nvekk > o/
[ 2008.09.01 22:37:02 ] Lanissum > with like 5 mil loot

Bored after waiting about half an hour for nothing... I begin my trip home and enter a new system... only to be blown out of the sky by the police... ugh. I make my way home (in my pod) and throw together a thorax and fly around for awhile, and eventually nail a cormarant.
A few minutes later, the same guy comes back in a black bird, to the same belt.. I smell trap; but a friend went in first and I followed shortly (when I didn't hear 'omg, rapier; its a trapz!')...


A short while later, 12 million isk randomly popped into my wallet; a little investigation revealed that someone had bought a 12m isk shuttle from me 0_o... Must be my lucky day.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who says frig piracy is dead?

When I logged on today, local was full of badies; fearing that my station would be camped I took a rifter out instead of a more powerful and vulnerable cruiser. After going a few systems deeper into our lowsec pocket, I started scanning around, there were a multitude of t2 ships flying around... and an omen... flown by a noob.... bait? Bah, I'm in a rifter, I've got drones more expensive than this ship! Sound the klaxons! Battlestations! Barrupa Barrrupa!

But I digress...

I warp in to find a lone omen, duking it out with a rat with a few drones; I immediately target and scram him orbiting w/o afterburner or repper on. Then, I activated my repper and started shooting at his drones, as they were beginning to chew into my armor. One by one, his drones died off, eventually leaving just him and me in the belt. Local was still chalk full, so I called in some backup, Thurxus, a good fellow pirate. As I slowly whittled away at his shields, and then his armor, I began to get concerned that I would run out of ammo, but then it appeared that his cap and thus whatever tank he had failed... I also noticed that after I had taken out his drones, that he wasn't really doing any damage to me; strange, since I thought lasers had excellent tracking...

By the time Thurxus had shown up in system, the omen was at about 1/4 hull, and I figured that someone else would eventually show up, just like last night with the rapier... so I told him to go to a safespot and wait. After about 2 or 3 minutes of fighting, the omen finally went down.


And shortly afterwards, his pod...


I had full armor and my shields were regenning.... And was now at a safe spot with Thurxus and about 2 mil of loot. Not bad at all.

Today was a series of firsts for me, I noticed that I've got a bounty (5k), am only .01 sec status away from blinky red status, have finally flipped my kd ratio from all my carebear deaths, and am building up a nice cache of frozen corpses Mmmm...


I got on late last night, and started hunting with a buddy; I had a thorax w/ecm drones, he was in a punisher. After a noob caracal left our home system, we went to a nearby system and started scanning around. There was a destroyer duo, a noob vexor, at least one crow, and a rapier in system. We were able to scan down the vexor to a belt, I scrammed and webbed him; he was totally helpless.


After gathering the loot and missing the pod, I warped off; but my buddy stayed a bit too long. I turned around as he cried out for help; and found him being ganked by two destroyers. I sent my ecm drones to one, my blasters to the other. The one w/ ecm on him warped off so I turned my loving attentions to the lone destroyer-- except he wasn't alone anymore, the rapier had showed up.


The rapier webbed me from 20+km and I stuck watching the lone destroyer with literally 10 percent hull get out of my blaster range... and since my ecm drones don't do any damage...

The destroyer got away [from me] but I didn't stay around long enough in my pod to see if the rapier nabbed my kill.


The were plenty of gf's to be had in local, it was a nice end to an otherwise boring night too, and I had already payed off my thorax w/ loot from other victims; so I'm still good to go.

As for my build, I'm rather pleased with it's performance, I managed to squeeze 7k damage (to me) out of a t1 plateless tank; my next thorax will have a significantly improved tank and gank (for 'free' too, since its all donated parts XD )

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Killing people IS a crime

After hearing some reports of various ships flying around a nearby system; I came to investigate for myself... local was full of people-- a dicey situation, but nonetheless I proceeded to scan from a planet until two frigs, a punisher and a rifter, showed up. Assuming they had friends comming, I ran away until I could ascertain their corp-- they were both about a month old and had no friends in local; perfect. So, I started scanning them down again, although it appears that they were hunting me too.
When we finally did end up at the same planet again, I activated my DC and let loose my drones. They came at me in a staggered 'formation', one at a time, the punisher tried to sting out my drones, but I called them back at the rifter, who was webbed and scrammed by me. Since I had a slightly mixed group of med and light drones, he lasted a little longer than he should have.

2008.08.30 20:49:00

Victim: Glavrik
Corp: European Death Knights
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Dantumi
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 1799

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.8
Corp: The Python Cartel
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Hammerhead I
Damage Done: 1799

Name: Guristas Killer / Guristas
Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:

Faint Warp Prohibitor I
Small 'Accommodation' Vestment Reconstructer I
Barrage S, Qty: 1760 (Cargo)
Barrage S, Qty: 63

Dropped items:

1MN MicroWarpdrive I
200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Barrage S, Qty: 124
'Langour' Drive Disruptor I
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Qty: 3 [1.5 mil XD]

At this point, the punisher was about 90km, and I was locking down the pod. I had to lock it twice, because of lag I think; but I did manage to finally lock down the rifter pilots pod. Which, of course, resulted in his death.

2008.08.30 20:50:00

Victim: Glavrik
Corp: European Death Knights
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Dantumi
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 385

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.6
Corp: The Python Cartel
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Hammerhead I
Damage Done: 385

After his buddy died, the punisher warped off and I scooped up my drones, loot, and first body. My sec status is now -.55 (down from +.8).


Stupidity is NOT a Crime

I suffered my first loss yesterday-- There was an imicus frigate flying around my home station, and I figured I could pop him in my Vexor; I waited until I thought he was far enough from the station and then opened up on him. Unfortunately, he was able to dock, and I started warping away-- I turned on my DC at about 1/3 armor, but was unable to make it.

Lessons learned:
Turn on DC every time you undock etc
Don't fight under sentry fire, at least not in a cruiser for now

On the bright side, after my GCC wore off, my wreck was still there (plus his, I think, probably popped by a corpmate) and I got back a bunch of mods. This isn't a damaging loss, just annoying, as I now need to go gather up parts for a new ship (I was interrupted in my supplying efforts to go on a roam yesterday).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Low Low Low Your Sec

It's certainly been an exciting day today!
It started off with a nice roam with The Python Cartel, and some good hide and seek--- we didn't kill anything until we went back home.

Ironically, we caught a cormorant ratting in our home system, and managed to get the pilot to eject-- one free destroyer

Not 1 minute after that, we found a black bird alone in a belt and were ransoming him, until he started smart bombing us

He died, I got the kill mail :)

2008.08.29 04:33:00

Victim: Mikhail Vosnesensky
Corp: State War Academy
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Blackbird
System: Aurohunen
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 3793

Involved parties:

Name: UberNero
Security: -9.8
Corp: The Python Cartel
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: Taranis
Damage Done: 1630

Name: Thorn Rocket / Guristas
Damage Done: 1458

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.9
Alliance: Pupule 'Ohana
Faction: NONE
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Heavy Electron Blaster I
Damage Done: 404

Name: Andrea Skye
Security: -10.0
Corp: The Python Cartel
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Stabber
Weapon: Dual 180mm AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 301

Name: Htrag
Security: -10.0
Corp: The Carebear Stare
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Falcon
Weapon: BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM
Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:

Widowmaker Heavy Missile, Qty: 1704 (Cargo)
Heavy Missile Launcher I
ECM - Multispectral Jammer II, Qty: 2
Scourge Heavy Missile, Qty: 13
Medium YF-12a Smartbomb
FZ-3a Disruptive Spatial Destabilizer ECM
Warp Disruptor I

Dropped items:

Scourge Heavy Missile, Qty: 328 (Cargo)
Heavy Missile Launcher I, Qty: 2
Scourge Heavy Missile, Qty: 12
FZ-3a Disruptive Spatial Destabilizer ECM, Qty: 2
Widowmaker Heavy Missile, Qty: 15

After all this action, I was accepted into Python; all in all a good day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flip Flip Boom

I went through several low sec systems today, without finding any targets that I could take on. I resolved to change this when I reached the high sec side of my route. The first group I flipped a can on consisted of a hauler, merlin, and a retriever w/hammerheads. I flipped their can, and was promptly attacked; I was able to get the retriever down to about 1/4 armor before I had to run away-- 5 drones + another frig don't give me much time... I had to go to a neighboring system to repair my incursus (I use a buffer tank) and chatted with one of their dudes. He was nice, I congradulated him on driving me off; and he offered me a 1v1 which I of course accepted.

While we worked out the details, I brought in a fitted up vexor, as a plan b if they broke their word (there were 3-4 of their corp in local) and went to the agreed upon spot of the fight. He dropped a can for me, and there was still that merlin guy flying around-- I sensed a gank, but went ahead anyway; since I had a plan b. My opponent was in his kestral, 10km away; as soon as I flipped the challenge can, I afterburned up to him before he could keep his range but then his friend jumped me too.

2008.08.28 01:25:00

Victim: ThePuce Moose
Corp: Blue Phoenix Corp
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Kestrel
System: Adacyne
Security: 0.5
Damage Taken: 1261

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.0
Alliance: Pupule 'Ohana
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Electron Blaster I
Damage Done: 1261

Destroyed items:

Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 74
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 2882 (Cargo)
Standard Missile Launcher I, Qty: 4

Dropped items:

Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 74
Power Diagnostic System I
Small Shield Booster I
Cap Recharger I, Qty: 2

I was able to kill the kestral and warped away with 25% armor, but left my faithfull drone. So, I returned with plan b for boom to finish the fight, I warped to the kestrals' wreck, and noticed the merlin still flying around-- and then the merlin approached me dead on....

After I stopped laughing (this guy was only a few weeks old, probably didn't know the threat I posed him) I let my pets out to play with him.

2008.08.28 01:31:00

Victim: Tienna
Corp: Blue Phoenix Corp
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Merlin
System: Adacyne
Security: 0.5
Damage Taken: 1700

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.0
Alliance: Pupule 'Ohana
Faction: NONE
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Hobgoblin I
Damage Done: 1286

Name: Serpentis Watchman / Serpentis Corporation
Damage Done: 414

Destroyed items:

Small Energy Transfer Array I (Cargo)
50mm Reinforced Nanofiber Plates I
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 28
Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters (Cargo)
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 6 (Cargo)
Tungsten Charge S, Qty: 63 (Cargo)
1MN Afterburner I
Tungsten Charge S, Qty: 44
Light Ion Blaster I, Qty: 2 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Uranium Charge S, Qty: 178 (Cargo)
Small Energy Transfer Array I (Cargo)
1MN Afterburner I (Cargo)
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 28
Basic Miner
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 320 (Cargo)
Light Neutron Blaster I
Sensor Booster I (Cargo)
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 100 (Cargo)
50mm Reinforced Nanofiber Plates I (Cargo)
Standard Missile Launcher I, Qty: 2
Civilian Shield Booster I
Light Ion Blaster I (Cargo)
Plutonium Charge S, Qty: 200 (Cargo)

These guys were cordial, and I offered a few tips to them... I'm guessing that the merlin guy just didn't get the memo about the 1v1 being a one versus one; they seemed rather nice...

After this, I noticed someone asking for 'help' on a mission; being the kind person that I am, I went to help him.

I was in my vexor, bantering with the guy in his thorax; and I managed to convince him to 'test' my tank out...

He died rather quickly...

2008.08.28 03:02:00

Victim: Milenko 17
Corp: Excession Enterprises
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Thorax
System: Osmeden
Security: 0.7
Damage Taken: 5570

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.0
Alliance: Pupule 'Ohana
Faction: NONE
Ship: Vexor
Weapon: Hammerhead I
Damage Done: 4009

Name: Tower Sentry Caldari II / Unknown
Damage Done: 1561

Destroyed items:

Hammerhead I, Qty: 4 (Drone Bay)

Dropped items:

Hammerhead I (Drone Bay)
Antimatter Charge M (Cargo)

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he had nothing fitted?
He claimed that he fitted nothing b/c he thought I would pop him... seems a bit like reverse logic to me; as if I was in his situation, I would either show up to fight, or not show up at all....
I hung around the mission gate to see if he would come back, and he did; but in a rookie ship

I left this guy to his own devices, as it didn't seem like he would be giving me any real fights...

The kill tally tonight:
1 kestral
1 merlin
1 thorax

Can flipping is proving to be a good way for some pvp right now, I'll stick around a bit longer and see if I can get any barges tomorrow before I head off into low sec again.

Results of First Outing

[I had meant to make my prior post yesterday, but wasn't able to, so I'm publishing both today]

From all my research on pirating, a few things were quite clear:
  1. Practical targets will be hard to find
  2. Start cheap, t1 frigates, before you move up
  3. You will die
Taking this all into consideration, I began my outing with some can flipping near low sec.
So, as I arrive in a system, I checked local and saw a few potential targets... did some scanning and found a kestrel alone in a belt apparently ratting.

After warping in, I saw that he was fighting two rats, I killed both of them and waited...
and waited a bit more...
And he agressed me in my incursus!
I immediately let loose my blasters and drone, notching away his shields, by the time he died, he had only scratched maybe 10 hp off of my armor; a good start if I may say so myself.
2008.08.27 02:33:00

Victim: Ksirifai
Corp: School of Applied Knowledge
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Merlin
System: Faurent
Security: 0.5
Damage Taken: 2134

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.0
Alliance: Pupule 'Ohana
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Electron Blaster I
Damage Done: 2054

Name: Serpentis Protector / Serpentis Corporation
Damage Done: 80

Destroyed items:

Dropped items:

Serpentis Ship Log 501163556 (Cargo)
Small Shield Booster I
Flameburst Light Missile, Qty: 1780 (Cargo)
Flameburst Light Missile, Qty: 34
Lead Charge S, Qty: 297 (Cargo)
Civilian Salvager (Cargo)
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 47 (Cargo)
Survey Scanner I
Standard Missile Launcher I

I had also spotted another potential victim in a Vexor and had started a private chat with him (as I was killing this guy)
So, I basically talk this dude into take from my can in fleet, but apparently he can do that w/o being agressed while in fleet... so I leave fleet and get him to take my can again!
After which, I start 'testing' his tank, which ultimately breaks

2008.08.27 02:51:00

Victim: Gallante Citizen 10484347393
Corp: 1st Regional Multi Race School Of Industry
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Vexor
System: Faurent
Security: 0.5
Damage Taken: 7229

Involved parties:

Name: Lanissum (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.0
Alliance: Pupule 'Ohana
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Electron Blaster I
Damage Done: 7065

Name: Serpentis Watchman / Serpentis Corporation
Damage Done: 164

Destroyed items:

Guardian Iron Charge S, Qty: 1000 (Cargo) [1.5 mil or so... darn]

Dropped items:

Remote Sensor Dampener I (Cargo)
Asymmetric Energy Succor I (Cargo)
Small I-a Polarized Armor Regenerator
Small 'Hope' Hull Reconstructor I
Medium Clarity Ward Booster I
Small Hull Repairer I, Qty: 2 (Cargo)
150mm 'Scout' I Accelerator Cannon
Small Energy Neutralizer I (Cargo)
Small Energy Transfer Array I (Cargo)
Small I-a Polarized Armor Regenerator, Qty: 2 (Cargo)
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 29
Survey Scanner I (Cargo)
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 4107 (Cargo)
Small Remote Armor Repair System I (Cargo)

Then I went out into low sec, but couldn't find any targets...
But I think that this is a pretty good start for me, netting a kestrel and a vexor with just an incursus on my first go at piracy; lets see how my luck holds up in black rise tomorrow.

I'm also off to a good start on the tuskers' recruiting requirements, 5 solo kills 2 of which are of a superior ship class-- already got two of the 5 and 1 of the upper kills :)

I even got my first 'hate mail'

[ 2008.08.27 02:56:59 ] Gallante Citizen 10484347393 > hey lanissum you kinda remind me of the kid who has a restraining order on me cause of how many of his boned i broke


Well, let me introduce myself;
I have been playing eve for a few months now and have been mostly carebearing... but I have grown weary of grinding for isk and I have finally decided to go yarring!

Let me start off by thanking a few inspirational pirates, like Spectre3353 and those at www.eve-pirate.com... they have been extremely helpful in getting me started.

Now, onto the good stuff, my first outing:
The plan was simple, find myself a nice longish low sec route and patrol around it. After talking to spectre, I settled on a route in lonetrek and black rise and I also decided on a goal of joining up with the tuskers; a pirating corp with some decent recruiting standards which I will work for... I also figured I would do some can flipping etc in a few high sec systems along the way :)