Thursday, September 4, 2008

Die Drake Die!

Stepping into my hanger, I resumed my normal non-drunk posture; and looked through my ships... Would I take the rifter today? Nah, the Thorax has been performing well, she deserves to go out again! With that, I hauled TallyRaya's corpse to the bridge and prepped for undocking.
Several hours later, with no kills, a noob drake jumped into system and our gang began the search.... Was he at a belt... Nope, a moon.... nope... Safespot? Arg, no probe ships!

Then Lars Lodar, the FC just invited him to fleet... and he accepeted! Immediately, I typed into fleet chat:

Thurxus > i'm going to log
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:30 ] Thurxus > night
[Sampson Dakota Joins Fleet]
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:36 ] Lanissum > WARP TO HIM
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:52 ] Sampson Dakota > whos this?

Oh **** I'm so stupid...

I swear, TallyRaya must've jumped in his seat... We exited warp, at a gate, and threw ourselves in. Lars got a point on him, but Thurx and I had to slow boat into range since our MWDs didn't work. But then Lars got ECMed and lost point, subsequently resulting in the drake's escape. We were all somewhat frustrated, Lars and I followed him into a neighboring system since we could get through gates with a GCC. The drake docked up, so Lars and I sat around looking for new targets.

Several minutes later, the drake logged back on, and was sighted on scan but at a station... Lars and I were still in local and were about to give up on getting this drake. However, I gave the scan one more pass, and it looked like he was in a belt... Could it be, that we had found a drake pilot who, after narrowly avoiding death, was ratting in a system with not one but two pirates looking for him? Nah, no one is that noobish; but I warped in anyways, since no one else was around.

He was there. I pointed him, threw out my ECM drones, and called in Lars; who arrived shortly there after.


We even managed to get his pod, in a thorax and a drake... he had at least 10 seconds to flee... He declined a ransom of 10 million, and died shortly afterwards.

Sampson Dakota

We got the loot, but then a command ship warped in; we both fled, although Lars was almost caught.

It was a nice kill, considering all the work that went into it, but crap loot. Although, I do think it's safe to say that this is the most 'interesting' drake pilot I've ever seen.

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