Friday, September 5, 2008

Carrier Kill!

Grumbling in my bridge seat, I gate TallyRaya (my loyal corpse) a good kick... Since he didn't seem to mind and because it was an exceptionally slow day, I gave him another. Then my comm started blinking; bringing it up, I read "carrier camping Dantumi gate, x up for gank" As far as I knew, we only had a few cruisers on call; so I sortof thrashed around for a few minutes in my hanger, trying to set up a brutix.

Arg, I'm never going to be able to get her set up in time! I exclamed in a hanger devoid of others. I glanced over at my trusty Thorax, which had seen me through several kills and near deaths. Would I dare to take her against a carrier-- and the gate guns? Finally overcomming my intense fear of capital ships, I undocked and warped to the gate where the others (including some fellow pvpers who we normally shoot at) were engaging this lone carrier.

I threw out my hammerheads and started up my blasters; wary of any reinforcements. It took quite a long time, but our gang of about 9 ships which included a few battleships, battlecruisers, and two cruisers finally destroyed the carrier. No help arrived at all. We gathered up the loot, and everyone involed made on the order of 28 million isk.
I'm still in shock, we managed a capital ship kill with zero losses!

Warping back to base, I gave TallyRaya a good pat on the back.

Carrier Kill


The Laughing Pirate said...

gratz mate ive yet to get on a carrier kill, although get a few in to hull before LOTS of reinforcements arrive and had to run.

Lanissum said...

I was afraid of reinforcements too; but I guess we got pretty lucky. Wonder what his corp mates said next morning:
"Hey, dude, wheres the carrier?"
"Um... I was camping this gate... and uh... I got attacked"
prolonged silence
"You, you lost the carrier?"
"yeah... that pretty much sums it up"

Discordya said...

Would have loved to see a FRAPS of that kill!

Lanissum said...

Wish I had it, but I'm too stingy to pay for it...