Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its a trap!

Shit. During the few seconds that I had while under cloak, I paced the bridge of my thorax... considering my options. There was a drake, which would lock and scram me as soon as I uncloaked. I could try and mwd back to the gate; but that hadn't worked well for me. I was racing to catch up to a gang op in my thorax. I decided to mwd the other way, out of warp disruptor range. All hands, general quarters! Comrade Ilishnikov; play the Patriotic Music!

The engines roared, my ship shuddered as it neared it's maximum velocity. I closely watched the drake, it targeted and then disrupted me, as expected. But, unexpectedly, it began to outpace my ship by a good 300m/s! I began to feel the tendrils of death as it neared web range (this drake was known to use webs, and assault missiles too). I flipped on my extremely useful capacitor booster, and hoped that I could instead outlast him.

I was webbed... my ship began to slow down to a snails pace. I was doomed. Throw out the drones, by god I'm not going down without a fight! The hammerheads flew towards their target, and began to pelt him with ineffectual fire. His hams were firing, tearing chunks out of my armor. I did the only thing I could; crank up the Patriotic Music comrade Ilishnikov!

But then, he slowed down, and I got out of web range... but I wasn't out of the woods yet; he still had my ship disrupted. 15km....17km....20km...25km! Warp WARP WARP!!! I screamed into the helm.

A few seconds later, I was safely away, turning down the Patriotic Music.

I'm gonna try and start frapsing a few kills soon; this is just a test. :)


Spectre said...


Lanissum said...

Yeah, that was the guy

Mynxee said...

I have yet to get away in those kinds of situations unless I'm in something nano'd. Good work :)