Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smack Bites Back

I was stumbling around the station bar... giving people mean stares and talking trash with the walls. Suddenly, my beeper buzzed:

"I've got two caracals and a blackbird here!"

Followed by:

"They're smacking me for running away in my rifter lol:
[02:57:48] Rayf Iosolar > I want his bounty"

I immediately ran for my hanger, screaming at my manager to fire up my thorax. When I got there, it was still firing up so I made some death threats and pulled TallyRaya out of her regenerative therapy a wee bit too early. By the time we were settled into the cockpit, the ship was ready, and I flew the ship into the void of space.

When I got there, we began the hunt.

[ 2008.09.23 03:15:35 ] Bfoster > 6-1
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:44 ] Lanissum > omw
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:47 ] Bfoster > lemme know when ur ready, ill get a point on the bb
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:53 ] Lanissum > just go m8
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:56 ] Bfoster > k
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:57 ] Bfoster > omw
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:58 ] Lanissum > I'm already warping
[ 2008.09.23 03:16:07 ] Bfoster > take out the bb
[ 2008.09.23 03:16:13 ] Lanissum > kk

My ship dropped out of warp, Bfoster was already engaging in his rifter (a nanoed one at that too) The black bird was only 9km away from me, obviously this guy wasn't really all that experienced in pvp. Bfoster announced he had two points on the black bird; so I added another point instead of disrupting the caracal X_X. At any rate, we anihilated the bb before it could jamn any of us.

Smack Bites Back

Bfoster even got his pod. It was just perfect.

A short while later, we engaged a cormorant and the other caracal in a different belt.
Anihilating them.

God, I love piracy.


Mynxee said...

Hee hee hee! Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Good post.

f0st3r said...

That was a fun night Lani! Good write up!

Lanissum said...

Bfoster, is that a blank blog I see there?
Shame on you! I wanna hear stories!