Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crime Is Fun.

Pacing back and forth impatiently in my hanger, I was listening to my crew chief stutter about something. I only vaguely understood it to have something to do with safety protocols, but then he said "Sir, I cannot allow you to undock with your thorax!" I simply mentioned that not all of the corpses in my freezer were corpses when they went into it; which solved that problem. I had replaced the webber on my otherwise typical 1600mm thorax with a capacitor booster... Not sure what his problem was.

Hauling TallyRaya's corpse up to the bridge yet again, I prepped up my ship for my next roam, it was a slow night, but maybe I could nab a kill or two before I logged. After traveling a few systems, I scanned down a cormorant in a belt... and a rather typical gank and kill followed. So, now I was waiting out my gcc when corp comm raised the alert- rohk in home system! I was faced with something of a dilema... risk my thorax to the gate guns for a slight chance at a rohk kill? I turned to Tally and stared thoughtfully... as it didn't seem like she was going to give me any advice, I turned back to the pub channel, and requested a buddy to help take gun aggro off of me; he agreed and I undocked to begin the trip home.

But the guns weren't shooting him, they were shooting me.


My shields were down, armor taking damage, but slowly... what should I do. I did the obvious and turned on my repper, as well as continuing my trip. I only made it home because of the cap booster, it is much more usefull than a web.

Arriving in the home system, I read comms; it appeared that the rohk had left... I gave TallyRaya a nice kick; since she obviously leaked our intentions to the rohk pilot. Sitting at my shallow safe, brooding I picked up the following on comms:
"Rohk on scan...."

And shortly after:

"Rohk in 6-1"

No way. A battleship ratting where a destroyer or even frig are suitable? People amaze me at times. Warping in, there was just a friendly phobos and myself... We got points as the others arrived and proceeded to wittle away at his tank. Shortly afterwards he popped. I even out dpsed the phobos, who had arrived before me O_o


We ransomed his pod.. but no response. [whoever got the KM hasn't posted it yet...>_<]

Got about 30 mil loot; so I should be receiving 5 or 6 mil... and who says crime doesn't pay?


Pegleg Punk said...

Give that Tally a kick for me, too.

Spectre said...

That Rokh pilot must have been on some serious crack. I don't know how you get yourself up to flying a Rokh with decent mods like that and not ever learn to stay out of low-sec. Ebay maybe?

Mynxee said...

Isnt TallyRaya starting to....smell by now? Or....oooze stuff all over the bridge? Ewwwww.

Crime IS fun! Two claws up for your enjoyable blog!

Lanissum said...

I paid good money for an excellent freezer; so far, Tally has remained in decent non-smelly but greenish condition :)

But I have other corpses to take Tally's place should she need serious regenerative therapy.