Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smack Bites Back

I was stumbling around the station bar... giving people mean stares and talking trash with the walls. Suddenly, my beeper buzzed:

"I've got two caracals and a blackbird here!"

Followed by:

"They're smacking me for running away in my rifter lol:
[02:57:48] Rayf Iosolar > I want his bounty"

I immediately ran for my hanger, screaming at my manager to fire up my thorax. When I got there, it was still firing up so I made some death threats and pulled TallyRaya out of her regenerative therapy a wee bit too early. By the time we were settled into the cockpit, the ship was ready, and I flew the ship into the void of space.

When I got there, we began the hunt.

[ 2008.09.23 03:15:35 ] Bfoster > 6-1
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:44 ] Lanissum > omw
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:47 ] Bfoster > lemme know when ur ready, ill get a point on the bb
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:53 ] Lanissum > just go m8
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:56 ] Bfoster > k
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:57 ] Bfoster > omw
[ 2008.09.23 03:15:58 ] Lanissum > I'm already warping
[ 2008.09.23 03:16:07 ] Bfoster > take out the bb
[ 2008.09.23 03:16:13 ] Lanissum > kk

My ship dropped out of warp, Bfoster was already engaging in his rifter (a nanoed one at that too) The black bird was only 9km away from me, obviously this guy wasn't really all that experienced in pvp. Bfoster announced he had two points on the black bird; so I added another point instead of disrupting the caracal X_X. At any rate, we anihilated the bb before it could jamn any of us.

Smack Bites Back

Bfoster even got his pod. It was just perfect.

A short while later, we engaged a cormorant and the other caracal in a different belt.
Anihilating them.

God, I love piracy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its a trap!

Shit. During the few seconds that I had while under cloak, I paced the bridge of my thorax... considering my options. There was a drake, which would lock and scram me as soon as I uncloaked. I could try and mwd back to the gate; but that hadn't worked well for me. I was racing to catch up to a gang op in my thorax. I decided to mwd the other way, out of warp disruptor range. All hands, general quarters! Comrade Ilishnikov; play the Patriotic Music!

The engines roared, my ship shuddered as it neared it's maximum velocity. I closely watched the drake, it targeted and then disrupted me, as expected. But, unexpectedly, it began to outpace my ship by a good 300m/s! I began to feel the tendrils of death as it neared web range (this drake was known to use webs, and assault missiles too). I flipped on my extremely useful capacitor booster, and hoped that I could instead outlast him.

I was webbed... my ship began to slow down to a snails pace. I was doomed. Throw out the drones, by god I'm not going down without a fight! The hammerheads flew towards their target, and began to pelt him with ineffectual fire. His hams were firing, tearing chunks out of my armor. I did the only thing I could; crank up the Patriotic Music comrade Ilishnikov!

But then, he slowed down, and I got out of web range... but I wasn't out of the woods yet; he still had my ship disrupted. 15km....17km....20km...25km! Warp WARP WARP!!! I screamed into the helm.

A few seconds later, I was safely away, turning down the Patriotic Music.

I'm gonna try and start frapsing a few kills soon; this is just a test. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crime Is Fun.

Pacing back and forth impatiently in my hanger, I was listening to my crew chief stutter about something. I only vaguely understood it to have something to do with safety protocols, but then he said "Sir, I cannot allow you to undock with your thorax!" I simply mentioned that not all of the corpses in my freezer were corpses when they went into it; which solved that problem. I had replaced the webber on my otherwise typical 1600mm thorax with a capacitor booster... Not sure what his problem was.

Hauling TallyRaya's corpse up to the bridge yet again, I prepped up my ship for my next roam, it was a slow night, but maybe I could nab a kill or two before I logged. After traveling a few systems, I scanned down a cormorant in a belt... and a rather typical gank and kill followed. So, now I was waiting out my gcc when corp comm raised the alert- rohk in home system! I was faced with something of a dilema... risk my thorax to the gate guns for a slight chance at a rohk kill? I turned to Tally and stared thoughtfully... as it didn't seem like she was going to give me any advice, I turned back to the pub channel, and requested a buddy to help take gun aggro off of me; he agreed and I undocked to begin the trip home.

But the guns weren't shooting him, they were shooting me.


My shields were down, armor taking damage, but slowly... what should I do. I did the obvious and turned on my repper, as well as continuing my trip. I only made it home because of the cap booster, it is much more usefull than a web.

Arriving in the home system, I read comms; it appeared that the rohk had left... I gave TallyRaya a nice kick; since she obviously leaked our intentions to the rohk pilot. Sitting at my shallow safe, brooding I picked up the following on comms:
"Rohk on scan...."

And shortly after:

"Rohk in 6-1"

No way. A battleship ratting where a destroyer or even frig are suitable? People amaze me at times. Warping in, there was just a friendly phobos and myself... We got points as the others arrived and proceeded to wittle away at his tank. Shortly afterwards he popped. I even out dpsed the phobos, who had arrived before me O_o


We ransomed his pod.. but no response. [whoever got the KM hasn't posted it yet...>_<]

Got about 30 mil loot; so I should be receiving 5 or 6 mil... and who says crime doesn't pay?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We have met the enemy... and I am his!

I was tapping the Jita station console, watching the isk that I've earned from donations of ship parts leave my account... I risked a glance at a nearby police officer; when I was confident that he didn't recognize me for the public enemy that I was, I turned back to my console.

I almost smashed the panel when I saw the bill, just over 10 million isk! It had certainly not been a good week for me... Reflecting on the events of that painful day, I chided myself for my hubris.

It had all started when a drake and myrmidon were detected in local...

[ 2008.09.10 01:43:01 ] Bfoster > do we want the drake?
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:09 ] Bfoster > it just left ss
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:11 ] Lanissum > can't see why not
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:35 ] Lanissum > planet 5, drake
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:46 ] Lanissum > shall I take it?
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:53 ] Spectre3353 > im warping there right now to check him out
[ 2008.09.10 01:43:54 ] Lanissum > drake and myrm, planet 5
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:20 ] Spectre3353 > 100km off
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:20 ] Bfoster > engage?
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:21 ] Spectre3353 > gonna try to tackle
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:24 ] Spectre3353 > wait
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:25 ] Spectre3353 > align to me
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:31 ] Lanissum > aligned
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:36 ] Bfoster > crap
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:41 ] Bfoster > already warped, lol
[ 2008.09.10 01:44:58 ] Spectre3353 > i have the myrm
[ 2008.09.10 01:45:00 ] Spectre3353 > he is a year old

Ok, so we have experienced drake and myrm pilots against a stabber, thorax, and inty. We lost both the stabber and my trusty thorax (which had survived for over a week!).

No biggie, I'll just pull out my Vexy and avoid those pilots. Key word being avoid, kind of hard to do when they set up an unexpected gate camp less than an hour later.


The pilots were very nice, decent, and they even let me have some of my loot back (hey, if it helps the bottom line, no problem asking for it). Due to rl and the fact that I was bereft of any cruisers; I was reduced to the infamous rifter for awhile, not too bad; I still managed to nab a caracal kill an hour after losing my vexor.

Now, however, the question was should I get a new cruiser? Although they do a good deal of dps and can have substantial tanks; they are vulnerable when it comes to getting out of sticky situations. Frigates lack that vulnerability; but they are lacking in general too.

Assault Frigates... That is the answer! Yes, they are rather expensive, and not as insurable; but they combine the escape power of frigates with a good portion of the gank power too. So, I got my first Enyo.

So far, its performance has been stellar. My gang attacked a bait drake, when the backup arrived, we all managed to get out; it may have been different with my thorax or vexor. We then managed to gank that thorax on a gate-- I even survived a decent amount of gate fire.

Later, that same night, we found and ganked a frig and vexor in Tama; but were jumped by a large blob (a perfectly legit tactic, since we pirates essentially replicate it in miniature when we attack targets in belts). We lost our thorax (spectre) and incursus (thurxus); but I managed to escape with a pod kill. Spectre noted that even though outnumbered; we managed to kill a cruiser, frigate, and pod which they were only able to equal despite their numbers.

Although I found myself a bit unprepared for the first losses I've had in over a week, I've learned to respect t2 frigs more than I have in the past, as well as the enemy...

When I was leaving Tama tonight, I got some new fan 'mail'

[ 2008.09.12 04:18:32 ] Lanissum > gf
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:37 ] Nadezjda Allilujeva > BYE BYE S**THEADS
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:39 ] Diverux > muahaha
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:40 ] Rykeir > gf
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:47 ] Spectre3353 > we are s**theads...? for what? :P
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:53 ] Lanissum > Lol
[ 2008.09.12 04:18:57 ] Rykeir > being noob
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:18 ] Spectre3353 > you brought 700 ships to bring 2 frigs and a cruiser
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:22 ] Spectre3353 > i think you might be the newb :/
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:28 ] Spectre3353 > bring = kill
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:44 ] Rykeir > death +me = u
[ 2008.09.12 04:19:54 ] Lanissum > I'm still alive

Friday, September 5, 2008

Carrier Kill!

Grumbling in my bridge seat, I gate TallyRaya (my loyal corpse) a good kick... Since he didn't seem to mind and because it was an exceptionally slow day, I gave him another. Then my comm started blinking; bringing it up, I read "carrier camping Dantumi gate, x up for gank" As far as I knew, we only had a few cruisers on call; so I sortof thrashed around for a few minutes in my hanger, trying to set up a brutix.

Arg, I'm never going to be able to get her set up in time! I exclamed in a hanger devoid of others. I glanced over at my trusty Thorax, which had seen me through several kills and near deaths. Would I dare to take her against a carrier-- and the gate guns? Finally overcomming my intense fear of capital ships, I undocked and warped to the gate where the others (including some fellow pvpers who we normally shoot at) were engaging this lone carrier.

I threw out my hammerheads and started up my blasters; wary of any reinforcements. It took quite a long time, but our gang of about 9 ships which included a few battleships, battlecruisers, and two cruisers finally destroyed the carrier. No help arrived at all. We gathered up the loot, and everyone involed made on the order of 28 million isk.
I'm still in shock, we managed a capital ship kill with zero losses!

Warping back to base, I gave TallyRaya a good pat on the back.

Carrier Kill

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Die Drake Die!

Stepping into my hanger, I resumed my normal non-drunk posture; and looked through my ships... Would I take the rifter today? Nah, the Thorax has been performing well, she deserves to go out again! With that, I hauled TallyRaya's corpse to the bridge and prepped for undocking.
Several hours later, with no kills, a noob drake jumped into system and our gang began the search.... Was he at a belt... Nope, a moon.... nope... Safespot? Arg, no probe ships!

Then Lars Lodar, the FC just invited him to fleet... and he accepeted! Immediately, I typed into fleet chat:

Thurxus > i'm going to log
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:30 ] Thurxus > night
[Sampson Dakota Joins Fleet]
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:36 ] Lanissum > WARP TO HIM
[ 2008.09.05 04:06:52 ] Sampson Dakota > whos this?

Oh **** I'm so stupid...

I swear, TallyRaya must've jumped in his seat... We exited warp, at a gate, and threw ourselves in. Lars got a point on him, but Thurx and I had to slow boat into range since our MWDs didn't work. But then Lars got ECMed and lost point, subsequently resulting in the drake's escape. We were all somewhat frustrated, Lars and I followed him into a neighboring system since we could get through gates with a GCC. The drake docked up, so Lars and I sat around looking for new targets.

Several minutes later, the drake logged back on, and was sighted on scan but at a station... Lars and I were still in local and were about to give up on getting this drake. However, I gave the scan one more pass, and it looked like he was in a belt... Could it be, that we had found a drake pilot who, after narrowly avoiding death, was ratting in a system with not one but two pirates looking for him? Nah, no one is that noobish; but I warped in anyways, since no one else was around.

He was there. I pointed him, threw out my ECM drones, and called in Lars; who arrived shortly there after.


We even managed to get his pod, in a thorax and a drake... he had at least 10 seconds to flee... He declined a ransom of 10 million, and died shortly afterwards.

Sampson Dakota

We got the loot, but then a command ship warped in; we both fled, although Lars was almost caught.

It was a nice kill, considering all the work that went into it, but crap loot. Although, I do think it's safe to say that this is the most 'interesting' drake pilot I've ever seen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Close Calls

Turning back from TallyRaya's frozen corpse, I rumminated on the fact that it had been a *very* slow day to day... Only having destroyed a kestral and then it's pod. Jumping through the gate at the tail end of a returning roam, Spectre and Andrea Skye had killed a ship on the gate and warped off (although spectre lost his vexor). So, I spent some time picking up the loot and spectre's wreck; then my proximity alarms went off! Quickly going through my overview, I sighted a drake-- since I was now an outlaw; I started heading for the gate, my only escape. But then I was webbed, scrammed, and taking damage fast! I didn't dare shoot, lest I be held back from the gate... but it didn't seem like I was going to make it; I went through my options and threw out my ecm drones in a desparate gambit. After a few seconds, they managed to break his lock, I immediately warped out and left my drones behind. Bending TallyRaya over, I checked my ship integrity-- 56% hull! Wow, that was a close one.... I went back to station, repped my ship, and got some new ecm drones.

We assembled a new gang to hunt down the drake pilot and eventually we met up again in a belt. It was a small gang fight, we had a hurricane, enyo, thorax (me), and another battlecruiser vs. Their drake and harby. They were baited to a belt by one of our bcs-- which died soon after the rest of us arrived... We were able to kill the harby but not the drake, since they brought in an amarr battleship, we all scooted out of there asap, checking my ship integrity again-- 10% hull!

Not a real prosperous day, but I didn't die, so I must be doing something right!

It appears the Spectre3353 has quit Eve; I will miss him, as it was his blog which brought me into piracy. Please pay your respects to him at his blog, Newb.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mining Hulls Off Ships is Profitable

Well, in the span of 1 hour and 21 minutes, I have been involved in the deaths of a:
And have collected the following loot:

5x hammerhead II 3.545 mil
1x Valkyrie II .450 mil
1x EANM II 1.2 mil
1x Y-TB OverCharged Hydrocarbon MWD 3.5 mil
1x Expanded Cargohold II .714 mil
1x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II 1.5 mil
2x Heavy Missile Launcher II 1.9 mil
1x Large F-s9 Regolith Shield Extender .4 mil
1x Survey Scanner II 3 mil
4900x Flameburts Light missile .0245 mil
5010x Sabretooth Light Missile .035 mil
9742x Bloodclaw Light Missile .053 mil
2423x Stalker F.O.F. Heavy Missile .060 mil
118x Federation Navy Antimatter M .118 mil
16,499,500 Isk

Life is Good.

What goes up must come down

Staggering out of my bunk room, I stumbled my way towards my hanger... 'anti' pirates looked upon me in disgust, not knowing my true intentions. I wasn't drunk, I don't drink; I just like to look like my fellow pirates who do drink... After entering my hanger, I looked upon my small fleet of ships, I was going to go can flipping today, since I wouldn't be able to do it for much longer. My eyes fell upon my vexor, and I saw goodness. Before getting prepped, I had to get my ship companion, a fellow pirate likes horses.. but they smell. Realizing that I had no exotic dancers (trade items\live stock) I went for the next best thing: my meat locker. It took me awhile to drag the frozen corpse of TallyRaya to my bridge, but I finally did and buckled us both in (I think I need to turn down the freezer temp, he doesn't look too good).

After entering a suitable system for flipping, I was noticed my comm console blinking... Who could that be? It was Alenas Mcnabb, a noob who I had tried to gank in my incursus vs. his caracal. I had warped out with damage to my hull, this conversation followed shortly after:

[ 2008.09.01 19:08:57 ] Alenas mcnabb > coward faggot
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:10 ] Lanissum > want to finish this?
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:14 ] Lanissum > meet me at planet 4
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:24 ] Alenas mcnabb > only with you
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:31 ] Lanissum > hmm
[ 2008.09.01 19:09:44 ] Lanissum > if you'll let me get my cruiser, i'll do a 1v1 with you
[ 2008.09.01 19:10:02 ] Lanissum > fair enough?
[ 2008.09.01 19:10:06 ] TwiceDAsiZe > with who?
[ 2008.09.01 19:10:14 ] Lanissum > this guy, alenas
[ 2008.09.01 19:11:08 ] Lanissum > you up for that alenas?
[ 2008.09.01 19:11:42 ] Alenas mcnabb > lol if i new i coujld trust you faggot i might but your a coward and will bring freinds
[ 2008.09.01 19:12:23 ] Lanissum > tell you what, I'll kick twice, you find a nice safe spot-- unwarpable object- only us in the fleet, no others can interrupt our 1v1
[ 2008.09.01 19:14:05 ] Lanissum > is that good?
[ 2008.09.01 19:15:12 ] Alenas mcnabb > hmm what ship you use?
[ 2008.09.01 19:15:20 ] Lanissum > vexor, t1
[ 2008.09.01 19:19:06 ] Lanissum > I got 3 min left on my gcc
[ 2008.09.01 19:20:43 ] Lanissum > just 1 more minute, you up for it?
[ 2008.09.01 19:22:19 ] Alenas mcnabb > il take you down later when we have equil ships
[ 2008.09.01 19:22:23 ] Lanissum > if you want more security, we can fight on a gate (I take your can, you fire first shot, n1 can interrupt w/o guns shooting them)
[ 2008.09.01 19:22:34 ] Lanissum > Equal? vexor is a cruiser

Noticing that this person was in local, I opened of the convo.

[ 2008.09.01 20:52:55 ] Lanissum > do you want something?
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:26 ] Alenas mcnabb > you'll find out soon enugh
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:33 ] Lanissum > oooh, i'm scared now
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:48 ] Lanissum > you still want that 1v1?
[ 2008.09.01 20:53:49 ] Alenas mcnabb > lol indeed you should be mother f***** your goona die

Hmm.. I grow weary of empty threats and snobbery; let us find this person and destroy them! I snarled to TallyRaya, my loyal corpse (he looked a bit wet). So, I warped to planet 7, and proceeded to goad him into fighting me.. It took awhile for him to work up his courage, but he did eventually fight.

Caracal Vs Vexor

After this, he was *much* nicer to me, almost a sycophant really. He even asked for his loot back! Well, I gave some of it back, about 10km off of a station.

Osprey Vs Vexor

So, after this, he brought in some of his buddies, in a Raven Navy Issue and a Hyperion... to 'deal' with me. So, were all at a planet (except Alenas Mcnabb, who probably had enough of me today) flying around; I'm sizing up my *potential* oponents, one of them is about 6 or 7 months old... I *might* be able to take him on. I told them that I was going to refit my ship and be right back, I threw on a ship scanner (if he didn't have a scambler etc... I'd have given it a go) but when I warped back... nothing. Except a convo by their 'leader' Hockshi Nvek.

[Edited for brevity]
[ 2008.09.01 22:23:28 ] Lanissum > 0/
[ 2008.09.01 22:23:58 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Evening.
[ 2008.09.01 22:24:05 ] Lanissum > Evening
[ 2008.09.01 22:24:23 ] Hokshi Nvekk > What are you playing at?
[ 2008.09.01 22:25:59 ] Lanissum > nothing, just seems like you want a fight, and I might be able to give it
[ 2008.09.01 22:26:57 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you just destroy a ship belonging to one of my Corp members?
[ 2008.09.01 22:27:03 ] Lanissum > 2 actually
[ 2008.09.01 22:27:21 ] Hokshi Nvekk > 2?
[ 2008.09.01 22:27:27 ] Lanissum > caracal and osprey
[ 2008.09.01 22:28:04 ] Hokshi Nvekk > I see. & why the Osprey?
[ 2008.09.01 22:28:14 ] Lanissum > cause I can, dude I'm a pirate
[ 2008.09.01 22:29:26 ] Lanissum > you comming?
[ 2008.09.01 22:30:57 ] Hokshi Nvekk > we do not pay ransoms.
[ 2008.09.01 22:31:15 ] Lanissum > right, well are you going to fight me or not? i'm at planet 7
[ 2008.09.01 22:31:27 ] Lanissum > I'm getting board sitting here
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:09 ] Hokshi Nvekk > You are not the first griefer we have dealt with you know.
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:18 ] Lanissum > I don't see a whole lot of dealing XD
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:11 ] Lanissum > you got 1 minute to show up, or I declare you a coward
[ 2008.09.01 22:33:57 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Declare all you like. all pirates are cowards including you (especially Gallente).
[ 2008.09.01 22:34:02 ] Lanissum > me?
[ 2008.09.01 22:34:10 ] Lanissum > i'm the one sitting here, waiting for you to attack
[ 2008.09.01 22:34:59 ] Hokshi Nvekk > You had ample opportunity before but didn't fire. What's up hoping concord will do your dirty work?
[ 2008.09.01 22:35:37 ] Lanissum > No, i droped a can, you didn't take it
[ 2008.09.01 22:35:55 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Lol didn't see it :)
[ 2008.09.01 22:36:07 ] Lanissum > at the station, I still have one out
[ 2008.09.01 22:36:23 ] Hokshi Nvekk > Unless one of the others picked it up.
[ 2008.09.01 22:36:47 ] Lanissum > beats me, I'm leaving; since your obviusly not going to fight
[ 2008.09.01 22:37:01 ] Hokshi Nvekk > o/
[ 2008.09.01 22:37:02 ] Lanissum > with like 5 mil loot

Bored after waiting about half an hour for nothing... I begin my trip home and enter a new system... only to be blown out of the sky by the police... ugh. I make my way home (in my pod) and throw together a thorax and fly around for awhile, and eventually nail a cormarant.
A few minutes later, the same guy comes back in a black bird, to the same belt.. I smell trap; but a friend went in first and I followed shortly (when I didn't hear 'omg, rapier; its a trapz!')...


A short while later, 12 million isk randomly popped into my wallet; a little investigation revealed that someone had bought a 12m isk shuttle from me 0_o... Must be my lucky day.