Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Close Calls

Turning back from TallyRaya's frozen corpse, I rumminated on the fact that it had been a *very* slow day to day... Only having destroyed a kestral and then it's pod. Jumping through the gate at the tail end of a returning roam, Spectre and Andrea Skye had killed a ship on the gate and warped off (although spectre lost his vexor). So, I spent some time picking up the loot and spectre's wreck; then my proximity alarms went off! Quickly going through my overview, I sighted a drake-- since I was now an outlaw; I started heading for the gate, my only escape. But then I was webbed, scrammed, and taking damage fast! I didn't dare shoot, lest I be held back from the gate... but it didn't seem like I was going to make it; I went through my options and threw out my ecm drones in a desparate gambit. After a few seconds, they managed to break his lock, I immediately warped out and left my drones behind. Bending TallyRaya over, I checked my ship integrity-- 56% hull! Wow, that was a close one.... I went back to station, repped my ship, and got some new ecm drones.

We assembled a new gang to hunt down the drake pilot and eventually we met up again in a belt. It was a small gang fight, we had a hurricane, enyo, thorax (me), and another battlecruiser vs. Their drake and harby. They were baited to a belt by one of our bcs-- which died soon after the rest of us arrived... We were able to kill the harby but not the drake, since they brought in an amarr battleship, we all scooted out of there asap, checking my ship integrity again-- 10% hull!

Not a real prosperous day, but I didn't die, so I must be doing something right!

It appears the Spectre3353 has quit Eve; I will miss him, as it was his blog which brought me into piracy. Please pay your respects to him at his blog, Newb.

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