Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Battleship Op

Bleep.... Bleep...BLEEEP. I was startled out of my sleep, cursing everything that breathes. Glancing around for the source of the alarm; I noticed that scanners reported a noob gang consisting of an inty (malediction), bc (hurricane), and bs (raven). The pilots in the gang were all 2008, one was 08.01 the other two were 08.05.. I started to call up a fleet, including Omae Gaw'd; a fellow pirate who we occasionally fly with. While he brought in his mega, I went to our home system to get mine. As I was prepping my mega, OMG asked who was flying what... I had seen them on the gate but had warped out without registering the names but I figured I could just ask them :)

[ 2008.10.02 03:11:22 ] B'Edari > hello
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:23 ] Lanissum > Thats a nice raven you got m8
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:32 ] B'Edari > i'm flying a malediction
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:38 ] Lanissum > Oops XD
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:42 ] B'Edari > maybe you mean t'rok
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:45 ] B'Edari > he has a raven
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:47 ] Lanissum > Ah, ty
[ 2008.10.02 03:11:59 ] B'Edari > np

Such helpfull souls they are; little did they know of our ebil intentions....

By the time our fleet was assembled, we warped in on the gate to find... nothing; but they were obviously ssed very close to the gate, so I stayed on it as bait. However, an unrelated huggin had arrived and started to harass me. When a fellow pirate's thorax jumped in, he was webbed and attacked by the huggin immediately.

I sortof dwadled, weighing my options; attack the huggin and get gate aggro or leave my corpmate to die. I chose a third, worse option of waiting until my corpmate died before I aggroed. Duuuuumb. A friendly scorp warped in and jammed the huggin so I could get out; we all grouped up again.

However, a newer pilot who we had invited to the fleet reported that he was 10km from the huggin and engaging outside of the gate guns' range (how he managed to do that is beyond me). I warped in to find another wreck and once again engaged the huggin. Once again the huggin sat outside of my range and plincked away at my armor... I had come in with only half armor or so; b/c of the gate guns, so I started to call in my fleet mates so we could finally gank this extremely annoying huggin pilot. However, the malediction and hurrican from the other gang warped in and headed for me. By the time they got in range, I was in hull. I engaged the hurrican and began to literally tear his shields, armor, and hull away from him... battleships absolutely own.

At this point, OMG had warped in and we finished murdering the hurricane; but then the raven arrived and popped me. I got my pod out; and the fight was finished without me.

We killed the Huggin, Hurricane, and Malediction; the Raven warped out; and we lost a thorax and my Mega.

I learned a few lessons from this engagement; for starters, I should carry Iron L charges; then I would've been able to effectively engage the Huggin; according to OMG "the mega fears no nano" Also, I shouldn't have aggroed the gate guns for no reason, especially since I probably wouldn't be able to win. Finally, I survived by myself during the 'second match' for about 3 minutes... if we had been a bit more organized, I may have survived the fight. But a few lessons learned = a few less mistakes next time.

Sure, I lost a rigged mega; but I can easily replace it and more. But what really counts is all the fun I had; this fight was an absolute blast! This is what piracy is all about, you won't find this kindof fun missioning in empire.


Mynxee said...

That convo is priceless!!! Funny what you can find out just by asking. It's unwise--as my own recent experiences have finally pounded into my head--to aggro sentries without a very good reason. The damage simply puts you at too much of a disadvantage when you gotta go off to repair or there's a sudden chance to engage away from them but you must do so at less than full effective hit points.

Spectre said...

You shouldn't bother with the Trimarks and expensive named guns until you have some better battleship related skills as well as some experience with how to fly the ship. Keeps your ISK loss after insurance very low.

username said...

t1 damage mods make kitteh's cry