Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Home, New Gang, New Targets.

Pat.. Pat.. Pat.. My feet pounded down the corridor to the pod. I had skipped the highly recommended medical procedures before getting hooked up. It was certainly a desperate time. Why in the name of all that is good did I have to sleep in the middle of low sec? My thorax was helpless whilst I rested. I finally reached the pod and booted up my ship; feeling the power of the cruiser enter my mind. I took stock of my surroundings, a vagabond 2 vexors and a few other frigates. Not Good. My crew chief opened a channel to me, pleading "Do something before we all die!" I responded with a "Correction, before all of you die." And closed the convo. So what was I going to do.... Oh, my ship just warped out, back to where it was before I left my pod. How convenient.. a logONski.

Our new home was proving to be rather nice; it apparently lacks the blobs that were a fairly regular occurance in Aurohunen. And the local 'pvp fest sytem' (PFS) where people just seem to congregate to kill eachother is a mere 6 jumps away. We are also in a low-high sec border system, all in all very nice. The only problem though is that the local Jita, Hek, is about 7 jumps away.. not much fun to do in a hauler. But oh well, get some lose some.

Back to the present, however. Scanning local, I noticed a noob in a thrasher; since I he was apparently not at a belt, I simply invited him to fleet up with me. He accepts of course. I begin my warp, to the tune of an openening channel:

[ 2008.10.11 17:59:42 ] Adelai Nyska > Are you gonna kill me?

Thinking fast, I deny this since with the explanation that blinky red means I specialize in helping others by the means of asset alchemy (from ship to space dust). As my ship leaves warp, I immediatly begin resolving my lock on him, the poor kid.

I'm nice, and let my drones do the work.

Floating in my safespot, I see yet another thrasher on scan. He too is doing one of those cosmic anomalies; hmm, ah, but he has joined my fleet, warping in now. As soon as I leave warp, I resolve my lock and disrupt him. However, there is much pleading in fleet.

[ 2008.10.11 18:01:05 ] Adelai Nyska > Please dont
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:09 ] Lanissum > why not
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:17 ] Adelai Nyska > Because I have nothing
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:20 ] Lanissum > how much is your ship to you?
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:28 ] Adelai Nyska > You wont get anything valuable from me
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:34 ] Lanissum > no ransom?
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:36 ] Adelai Nyska > I have 3 mill
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:42 ] Lanissum > then pay up m8
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:57 ] Lanissum > i'm shooting 1 blaster, you got till it blows you up
[ 2008.10.11 18:01:59 ] Adelai Nyska > ok ok
[ 2008.10.11 18:02:33 ] Lanissum > 30 seconds
[ 2008.10.11 18:02:42 ] Lanissum > hm, close enough
[ 2008.10.11 18:02:46 ] Lanissum > fly safer

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't destroyers only worth about 1 mil? Then there's insurance... well, he was willing to pay it. But then he might've had some second thoughts, as he sent this mail shortly afterwards.

(Reversed it for ease of reading)

2008.10.11 18:04

2008.10.11 18:05
Its eve, just be glad I'm an honorable pirate and didn't blow your silly litle boat up.


2008.10.11 18:06



Somethings are priceless, such as the rage of a noob who thinks (as I once did) that this is wow or something.


Later, we formed up a giant gang (for python, we seem to be doing that alot more nowadays). We eventually scanned down a hurrican ratting or something and all warped in to get him.
However, he was mwding faster than any of us (he neuted the frigs, and blew a few up). We proceeded to chase him about 70 km from the center of the belt. Now, there are about 12 ships all chasing this lone hurricane in a pell mell fashion, he may have been trying to string us out so he could gank a ship of ours (he did get a frig).. but then he just stopped.
[Video below]

This happens when 12 pirates catch up to you.

We got a lock on his pod, and were going to ransom it..
(Voip re-enactment)
TJ: Ok guys, lets ransom this pod!
Andrea Sky: Too late, I just fired 6 missiles at him!

This happens when 6 missiles hit a pod.

At least I got in on the kill mail.
Helps to sooth my compulsive kb needs...


Mynxee said...

Fun post, loved the video! Y'all sound so serious and processional on voice comms, LOL. Why in the world did that guy not warp out when he could? I guess math isn't his strong suit, huh? DOH. Nice kill, guys.

Lanissum said...

Spelling nazi time-- 'processional'? XD

But yeah, maybe I should mail him or something he certainly had a nicely kitted out ship (it was tearing me apart almost as fast as we were tearing him apart).

Ga'len said...

Nice kill mate!!!