Saturday, October 4, 2008

Caracals Suck Bad

Sometimes I wonder what CCCP was thinking when they made this amazingly fail ship. In my entire pirating career, I have never lost 1v1 to one. Even in frigs.

Just today, we had a caracal turkey shoot. I found one ratting in a belt, after engaging it in my rifter, it jammed me and got away. Not bad for a 12 day old noob. But, being the noob that he was, he came back and this time I was prepared.

Not 2 minutes later, we found another caracal, killing him too.

Caracals Suck.

End of Post.

Post End of Post:
You can watch the vid in high quality if you go to youtube
All my vids are under the user "Remagen2".


John said...

They made caracals so they could make cerbs :D They are really fleet vessels. In a fleet, fitted right they pump out large amounts of dps and that's what they are for. That and mission running. I dare you to try that to a cerb :D

Lanissum said...

I don't know much about cerbs.. but yeah I don't really want to mess around with a *gang* of caracals + tackler frigs X_X

Thankfully, the only caracal in a gang I've seen.. it was bait for me. (I died to the 20 other ships or so that came after him).

John said...

Caracal fleet plus tacklers... Hurts.... Its like a kessie fleet... those hurt very badly to