Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Win

When I joined Python, I had only 120 mil isk to my name.
A month later, I had only 180 mil isk to my name.

I grew weary of blowing up carebears who would only go back and buy a new ship with their nearly infinite wells of isk. I was sick of having to economically fit my ships.

I wanted to hurt the carebears where it counted.
Their wallets.

Thus, I began to scam them, in the 'safety' of high sec.
It's really just market pvp I said to myself.

And hurt them I did.

They cried, badly.

Barackas Durmuk > well the be careful when ur in low sec i let my buds know to look for you

Vengal Seyhan > BLocked and set red :D Hope you don't enter lowsec, mate :D

[Danila Killer] <100m>
2008.09.28 00:49
Do not meet at me on a way... For such deceit I will find you and I will kill...

[Crentek Del'shabeer]<100m>
2008.10.03 00:55
I love hatemail as much as the next guy, but seriously, I hope you get terminal cancer in real life.

Barackas Durmuk sent the isk even before I had opened the trade window.
All 101 million of it.
Then, I convinced him to send me 20 mil more isk so I could 'cancel a contract and give it back'
I also got my scamming material back from him too.

I scammed 1,473,100,00 isk
I my wallet has finally reached 1,019,000 ISK (I used some of the isk as I got it)
1 Bn isk may not seem like much to some of you. But before I started scamming, I never had more than 180 mil.

Yes, I know I'm literally waving my epeen, why are you watching?
[Click on the image above to see my wallet]

I confine all lieing to my scammer alt. When Lani says x mil or your pod/ship; want a 1v1 etc; he will ALWAYS honor his word. But now, I just don't need to ransom people.

Man, writing up posts at 12:30 my time really does result in poor gramarz and bud speling..


john said...

Scamming is part of the game and good on you for getting the cearbears.

I have two questions- How did you do it?
Why did you put this on your blog?

Lanissum said...

A: Convo me in game XD
B: So I can wave my epeen

Mynxee said...

I used to think scammers were simply despicable, but now...having met a couple of ingenious and quite hilarious ones in my public channel...I find them vastly amusing. So good on ya, LOL!

After one too many drinks not so long ago, I *almost* fell for the typical Sisters Scan Probe Launcher scam and only *just* noticed at the last minute that the contract was for a regular old Scan Probe Launcher. I emailed the contractor, LOL'ing that I'd almost fallen for it. His reply was enlightening: "Drunken pirates are my best customers." :)