Sunday, December 14, 2008

PvP, an Overview

Reflecting back on my earlier days, it occurred to me that I have myself provided a few lolfits to others.

A shield tanked thorax complete with rails

A dual repped brutix with 100MM plate!!, 1x mag stab, and no point
A rail thorax with 0 tank
A myrm fitted with rails and a t1 half hearted passive tank [which I probably fit by accident]

I seemed to like rails a lot back then... So, I've decided to try and help others avoid the same pitfalls that I didn't avoid.

First things first, if you're reading this guide and actually learning stuff from it-- you shouldn't be flying anything bigger than a frigate into battle. In your case, bigger is worse.

And thus the first rule of Eve, only fit and fly what you can afford to lose.

Now, on to modules and fitting, the better you fit your ship, the more likely you'll be victorious. However, beware of falling for the uber expensive pwnmobile mirage, no such thing exists and it will die at the first gate camp. Along with all your isk.

The slots on a ship are divided into highs, mediums [mids], and lows.

Generally speaking, all weapons go into high slots [hybrids, projectiles, missiles, lasers].

The mid slots are much more multitaskable, they generally carry the pvp trinity [propulsion mod (afterburner or microwarp drive), warp jammer, and web]. However, the mid slots also host a large variaty of other gear, including ECM, ECCM [the counter to ECM], and shield tanking.

The lows generally fit armor tanking modules or weapon upgrade modules [make your weapons deal more damage].

In your case, you'll be flying a frigate. So, your mids will certainly be filled up with as much of the pvp trinity as you can fit. I recommend a 1mn AfterBurner, a warp jammer, and if possible a stasis webifier. The AB will allow you to move quickly, around the 800m/s range for frigates. The warp jammer will obviously keep your opponent from warping away. The stasis web is optional, but it will slow your oponent down by about half.

Now, the rest of your ship highs and lows must be fitted. Normally, this comes down to the question of wether the ship will tank [survive sustained damage from enemies] or gank [kill enemies with high amounts of damage per second].

In the case of a frigate, which is the ship you will be flying, there is little point in tanking considering the fact that frigates are so fragile to begin with. So therefore, your frigate will be fitted for gank power.

This leads into the question of what type of weapon system your ship will be using. I highly recommend blasters [gallente] or autocannons [minmatar]. If you pick blasters, you should start out with the Incursus, a cheap and proven pvp frigate.

A quick side note on blasters, electron blasters do the least damage but are the easiest to fit, while the neutrons do the most damage and are the hardest to fit. The ion blasters are the middleground between electrons and neutrons.

Depending on which weapon system you choose, for a gank fit you should ideally fit your lows with three of the appropriate weapon upgrade system. For blasters, magnetic field stabilizers; projectiles, gyrostabilizers; lasers, heatsinks; missiles, ballistic control systems.

A recommended incursus fit:
3x Light Electron Blaster I loaded w/ Antimatter charge S

1MN Afterburner
Warp Scrambler [7.5km optimal, 2 points of scrambling]

2x Magnetic Field Stabilizer

1x Hobgoblin Drone I

With my skills, this is a cap stable ship, travels 714m/s and does 109 dps. EFT estimates the price at 649,000 ISK.

Thus the first part of my pvp guide is concluded, if you detect any mistakes please let me know. I will be posting follow up parts soon.

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