Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Better

Just as I finished up Tally Raya's new Portable Regenerative Therapy Pod 2000; the com port began to bleep. I rushed across the rather spacious bridge of my new Myrmidon to the console and read the incoming dispatch: "Assemble for fleet roam on Arnher gate."
I ordered the chief, "warp us to the Arnher gate with full deliberate speed!" As the fleet assembled, the gate flashed. Crews were called to battlestations, weapons readied.

A lone typhoon arrived amongst us.
He died a fiery death.

We began to reform for our roam; but every few minutes someone would appear on scan. There was constant action all day long. The end tally was 39 kills and 6 losses (3 frigs, 2 t2 frigs, and 1 bs). We were so busy that the roam never happened...

"Sir, an autopiloting hoarder has warped in!" cried the helmsman. Although in no immediate danger, I habitually assed the situation, there was my Myrmidon and a friend's Dominix arrayed against this very 'formidable' force.

Don't AP haulers in Low Sec.

As we began to reform yet again for the mythical roaming op; a nanoed Rupture jumped in. I only got my warp disruptor on him.

But a killmail is a killmail.

After a busy day, I swapped to my hauler alt and did some shopping. On my way back, I saw the Typhoon pilot we killed awhile ago on his way back to Evati. Alerting my comrades; we readied a gate camp for his second typhoon.

Maybe the third time will be better (for him).

As I put down my log, satisfied with the day's work; the communication console began to blare.

[ 2008.11.30 01:38:11 ] RnProphet > FUCK, I NEED A HAULER NOW
[ 2008.11.30 01:38:17 ] Lanissum > wher?
[ 2008.11.30 01:38:19 ] RnProphet > UNANCHORED TOWER IN ARNHER

I dropped everything and began to put on my hauler alt disguise; only considering the redundancy of the disguise as I leapt aboard my Bestower. [I'm Trader Altz]

[ 2008.11.30 01:39:47 ] Trader Altz > Hauler here
[ 2008.11.30 01:39:51 ] Trader Altz > in Evati, omw to Arnher
[ 2008.11.30 01:39:58 ] Trader Altz > Planet-moon please
[ 2008.11.30 01:40:19 ] RnProphet > have to get back
[ 2008.11.30 01:40:31 ] Trader Altz > What planet moon
[ 2008.11.30 01:40:46 ] Trader Altz > ???
[ 2008.11.30 01:41:09 ] RnProphet > i forgot, have to scan again
[ 2008.11.30 01:41:42 ] RnProphet > V 10

The warp bubble disintegrated around the Bestower; the Tower was just ahead, almost within scooping range. The Crow and Rifter that were flying escort were nearby as I scooped the tower and hightailed it out of there for a station; expecting an ambush at any moment. After the tower was secured, I shot off an email to the CEO of the corp that formerly owned it.

I accidentally found a pos in my hanger named Red Flag Staff.
I have meted out appropriate punishments to the gremlins
responsible for this attrocity.I am willing to give back this pos
to you for 198 mil and a forum post detailing, in regalling fashion,
the exploits of the infamous pirate Lanissum. [Negotiable]

Trader Altz

The CEO explained to me that the pos was in the process of being removed, but that the hauler got ganked in a gate camp mid operation.

[ 2008.11.30 02:12:41 ] Trader Altz > I'm glad I could help you finish the operation :)
[ 2008.11.30 02:12:54 ] Vicegrip > well with a name like you've got
[ 2008.11.30 02:13:02 ] Vicegrip > I wouldn't expect you to do anybody a favor
[Duh, I'm a pirate for god's sake]

He rejected the offer, so I am ferrying the pos to the markets of Jita as I write this post.

Apparently, some of the famed Bastards' luck is rubbing off on me.
And Spectre, I'm better.


Dj Akula said...

It sure did not take long between first call for the tower and us escorting you toward Jita ;)

Lanissum said...

Lol, 5 min tops I think it was

Ka Jolo said...

Tag! You're it!

Lanissum said...

But, I've already been tagged?...
I tag you back!