Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stupidity is NOT a Crime

I suffered my first loss yesterday-- There was an imicus frigate flying around my home station, and I figured I could pop him in my Vexor; I waited until I thought he was far enough from the station and then opened up on him. Unfortunately, he was able to dock, and I started warping away-- I turned on my DC at about 1/3 armor, but was unable to make it.

Lessons learned:
Turn on DC every time you undock etc
Don't fight under sentry fire, at least not in a cruiser for now

On the bright side, after my GCC wore off, my wreck was still there (plus his, I think, probably popped by a corpmate) and I got back a bunch of mods. This isn't a damaging loss, just annoying, as I now need to go gather up parts for a new ship (I was interrupted in my supplying efforts to go on a roam yesterday).

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