Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, let me introduce myself;
I have been playing eve for a few months now and have been mostly carebearing... but I have grown weary of grinding for isk and I have finally decided to go yarring!

Let me start off by thanking a few inspirational pirates, like Spectre3353 and those at they have been extremely helpful in getting me started.

Now, onto the good stuff, my first outing:
The plan was simple, find myself a nice longish low sec route and patrol around it. After talking to spectre, I settled on a route in lonetrek and black rise and I also decided on a goal of joining up with the tuskers; a pirating corp with some decent recruiting standards which I will work for... I also figured I would do some can flipping etc in a few high sec systems along the way :)


Ga'len said...

Welcome to the EVE Online Blogsphere!!!

Manasi said...

welcome indeed. I hope you come to enjoy as much as I and others do :)

Good hunting.