Sunday, August 31, 2008


I got on late last night, and started hunting with a buddy; I had a thorax w/ecm drones, he was in a punisher. After a noob caracal left our home system, we went to a nearby system and started scanning around. There was a destroyer duo, a noob vexor, at least one crow, and a rapier in system. We were able to scan down the vexor to a belt, I scrammed and webbed him; he was totally helpless.


After gathering the loot and missing the pod, I warped off; but my buddy stayed a bit too long. I turned around as he cried out for help; and found him being ganked by two destroyers. I sent my ecm drones to one, my blasters to the other. The one w/ ecm on him warped off so I turned my loving attentions to the lone destroyer-- except he wasn't alone anymore, the rapier had showed up.


The rapier webbed me from 20+km and I stuck watching the lone destroyer with literally 10 percent hull get out of my blaster range... and since my ecm drones don't do any damage...

The destroyer got away [from me] but I didn't stay around long enough in my pod to see if the rapier nabbed my kill.


The were plenty of gf's to be had in local, it was a nice end to an otherwise boring night too, and I had already payed off my thorax w/ loot from other victims; so I'm still good to go.

As for my build, I'm rather pleased with it's performance, I managed to squeeze 7k damage (to me) out of a t1 plateless tank; my next thorax will have a significantly improved tank and gank (for 'free' too, since its all donated parts XD )


Pegleg Punk said...

I thoroughly enjoy the written account of your exploits, dear sir! Linking your kill mails is a welcome touch.

May your drones never miss, and your thrusters never miss-fire!


Lanissum said...

Thanks for the compliment; I do believe this is my first comment :)