Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Judgement Day XXI

She is a beautiful ship. As I walk her perimeter, preparing for long trek home today I reminisce on her history with me.

The day I unpacked her almost 2 months ago was just like any other. Little did I know that I'd keep her with me through roams gone wrong, gate camps, and innumerable ganks.

Her kills include:
1 Assault Frigate
3 Battle Cruisers
4 Battle Ships
5 Capsules
1 Industrial
3 Frigates
1 Cruiser
1 Command Ship
1 Retriever

21 Kills total. Her insurance runs out next month, I've never done that with any of my active PvP ships.

Too bad she'll die someday.

1 comment:

Spectre said...

Vexor is an awesome ship. I think it is easily my favorite cruiser at the moment.