Saturday, May 30, 2009

Comrades, Onwards to Victory!

Comrades, today we celebrate the Glorious Victory of our most recent 5 Day Plan!
After the call went out for extra resources to the People, the workers united and provided all that they could!

Today, we have reached our 5 Day Plan 1st Tier Success Goal of:
000,000,000,000.00 ISK!
You should be proud of your collective selves, comrades!
The Politburo, in the spirit of continuing past successes appealed to the unwashed capitalistic masses as well!

And it too was a Glorious Victory for the United Peoples' Republic of AssCrapistan!
Let us take a moment to Recognize the most Benevolent Capitalists, even though they didn't know that they were actually donating to Our Good Cause (What capitalists donate to anything?).

1st Place goes to : EggMand for his 'donation' of ......900,000,000 ISK
2nd Place goes to: Cinanek for his 'donation' of ......300,000,000 ISK
3rd Place goes to: Morak Thun for his 'donation' of 250,000,000 ISK

To further commemorate this Great Victory, the PolitBuro also notes that the Capitalist doners all stepped up to the challenge of maximal donation in the span of no more than 11 Minutes between Morak's and EggMand's donations. For those mathamatically inclined, the Peoples' Republic made over 1 Billion ISK, or 110 Million ISK each minute for 11 Minutes!

Onwards to Victory, Comrades, for tomorrow our latest 5 year plan Begins!


Spectre said...

I hate you.

Lanissum said...

Is that proper speech for a fellow Comrade in the People's Revolution?