Saturday, June 20, 2009

Game Time Codes...

My subscription on Lanissum just ran out. Np, I'll just go buy a GTC... browse browse... WTF!?!

780 mil + for a 60day GTC! That is absurd, and I thought 630 mil was bad... So, here's what I intend to do. Starting tonight, and every few hours for a day or two, I'll make a post that's a bit below the 'norm' price.

However, I'm not actually gonna be selling GTCs, so how will I get by? Simply by inserting a 'contact me ingame' clause & when I get convoed tell them I'm sold out. Wait 5-10 min and make a sold out post on the forums. Ta-da, all the other GTC hawks will hopefully lower their prices to remain competitive to my 'ghost' orders.

To recap- if current price is 780 mil, make a post for

Selling 3x 60d GTC for 750M! [ONLINE NOW]

and specify the 'contact ingame' part.

The only problem with this is I can't make a thousand forum posts w/ the same char, so I'll need your help. I've got 3 chars to post with right now, but every one who joins in the effort can bring three themselves.

The more people who pitch in, the better it'll work, we just need to get enough low posts so as to take up most of a forum page.
Lowering GTC prices will benefit everyone, including you.

So, who's with me?


Spectre said...

You should just pay $15 for a month like a normal person. It's dirt cheap considering you can barely even go to a movie or go out to eat for the same amount of money it costs to entertain yourself for a MONTH.

Lanissum said...

Shh... that would *solve* the problem.

unikon said...

why not just pay the $34.95 every 3 months, There are those that sell GTC's to get isk im sure there are others reading this and not liking your proposal
why dont you sell some GTC;s and sell them for 780 mill each im sure youll be happy with a fat wallet, its economy my dear Lanissum just like the price of gasoline and ciggs