Tuesday, June 30, 2009

High Tech Assault

It seemed like tonight was going to be a boring night, despite the earlier faction fitted armor & shield tanked missioning Hurricane we killed only half an hour ago. As I glanced into my hanger, my eyes briefly looked upon my Lachesis, which had never seen combat. An idea formed in my head. I immediately sent out a call for a Recon Ship roam and before I knew it we had a gang getting ready to leave Gulmorogod.

We quickly scampered through Amamake and into Siseide. There, we found and ganked a lone Stabber and figured out exactly how much punishment a Punisher could take. We tried to scan down another pair of ships, but they were jumping all over the place, so we moved onto Egghelende.

It wasn't long before we scanned down a Brutix and Hurricane. Although, as we began to land on the unfortunate duo, it became apparent that scanning them down had been redundant- they were in an asteroid belt.

However, the Brutix and Hurricane were far apart, nessecitating that our gang split up points and damage between them. My Lachesis kept a point on the Brutix, while Spectre split his between both the Brutix and Hurricane. Felix, in his Rapier, webbed the Hurricane down so it's normally superior speed would not be able to save it.

My Lachesis did have a bit of a difficult time keeping up with the Brutix, although it was slower I almost forgot to turn off my MWD to preserve my capacitor. But before long, both the Brutix and Hurricane were dead.

My (limited) experience with fighting from a long range has been quite interesting, speed/range tanking is really quite a nice change from my typical 'Blasterz n' Dronez' approach to PvP. It's rather empowering to keep your prey at arms reach while you plink them to death, knowing that they can do nothing, NOTHING! to harm you, much less escape.

But as for my Lachesis's fitting, I think I'll drop the cloak, expanded probe launcher, and a sensor booster in exchange for some rails and another 42km point. Namely because I suck at probing, shouldn't be flying this solo, and the cloak is a hinderence when catching pods- especially when being aligned/jumping around works well enough for avoidance. Though, I still insist on keeping a warp scrambler on it... just incase I need to turn off somebody's MWD.

Tomorrow morning, I'll *finally* have Ogre II's to add to my arsenal of ranged weaponry. Although I skilled up for an Ishtar, I left Ogre II's for after that (bad idea) and have therefore done practically 0 PvP with it. But tomorrow, I'll be able to fly a ship that epitomizes ranged warfare, in a gang, the Ishtar can sit back at an insane distance and deal full DPS while only risking it's current flight of drones. But when needed, it can dive into the fight and deal a heck of a lot more damage to quickly finish off it's prey.

Don't get me started on sentry drones, although I've had them for a long time, I only used them for PvE in 0.0 (in my carebear days). Though, I do like the idea of a slight DPS loss for a static emplacement, especially because those drones are so cheap, I can just dump them mid fight if need be.

Yarr, (skill) doors are opening up to new and exciting forms of combat!

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