Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Accidentally the Blue...

As the warp tunnel collapsed around my Taranis, ste sensors began peering into the depths of the asteroid belt.

It wasn't long before they found a dueling Taranis and Crusader. I instantly set my Taranis for full speed towards the duo. Just before I reached engagement range, the enemy Taranis took a direct hit in the bow, tumbled, and then disintegrated in a fiery explosion.

My Taranis' warp jammer and propulsion webifier were pushed beyond their operational limits, as I expected the Crusader to attempt to flee or hold it's distance.

Surprisingly, the Crusader sat there until I finally reached it and pointed it. It didn't do anything, until my blaster batteries began to pound away at it.

As all interceptor fights are, it was short and brutal, but I managed to land a direct hit on him while in 30% structure myself.

I immediatly pointed the pod, counting on the speed of the attack to prevent the enemy capsuleer from escaping in time. This time, my tackling gear managed to nab the pod.

I initiated a convo with the pilot, in an attempt to honorably ransom this foe. Suddenly, klaxons blared! A Republic Fleet Firetail had just landed! My ship, in it's current state, was useless. I immediately destroyed the pod, and attempted to escape.

But I was too slow, the warp drive was already shut down. My improved senses could already perceive the incoming, killer, blow about to land upon my Taranis. I instantly initiated escape proceedures, so as to avoid the fate of my prior victim. Fortunately, I managed to escape.

I realized that in my haste, I hadn't read the convo with the Crusader pilot, opening..:

[ 2009.08.26 00:41:21 ] Triksterism > We're blue
[ 2009.08.26 00:41:23 ] Triksterism > you fucking douche

Oh shit... he wasn't kidding.


Spectre said...

You fucking dumbass.

Shae Tiann said...

We've all accidentally shot at blues, though it's rare to see an occasion in which it is done with such enthusiasm!

Say hi to Triks for me ^_^

Lanissum said...

Spectre, fear not, I paid him off for his ship and implants.

Cyberin said...

I still have trouble figuring out how people accidentally shoot at blues...I know at least in my overview...they either aren't there...or they are glowing blue...kinda hard to miss :D

Lanissum said...

I thought my overview didn't show blues too, but I was wrong.