Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, That Went Well....

Today, we went a wormhole op thought up by the Benevolent Leader, Golden Helmet. It was a dismal failure. We spent half the day scanning down wormholes and finding 0 targets. As we went deeper into U-space we kept bookmarks at all the wormholes.

It was a great plan, until one of the wormholes collapsed, separating 8 or so of us from our direct route home. When we finally did find a wormhole into lowsec, it was 30 jump trek home. And we still didn't get any kills.

I eventually had some fun in Amamake, 3-1 freeforall style, to offset the utterly boring day I had.

All Hail the Benevolent Leader, Golden Helmet.


Josh (GH) said...

You'd be singing my praises if we found and killed 100 afk Hulks in w-space :(

Besides, it was as EPIC ADVENTURE! We were truly lost and doing some genuine, real exploration with no idea of how, when, or if we were going to make it home. We could've ended up in Paragon Soul if the random number generator had been crueler, so count your lucky stars :P

Lanissum said...

All Hail our Benevolent Leader, GH!