Friday, March 20, 2009

Screw that crap!

The kid was just walking home from school at the mercantile station, when he noticed a familiar face sitting in the bar. He was nursing a new alchoholic Quaf drink, and looked deep in thought. The kid hesitated for a moment, and approached the grizzled man.
"Um, mister Lanissum... I haven't seen you for awhile, it's nice to see you again, where have you been all these months?"

Lanissum stifled his annoyance, and put down his drink; giving a kindly smile to the young boy.

He started off in his gruff voice
"Well, after The Python Cartel disbanded, I floated around for awhile before joining the Bastards. Before floating around again, and joining The Python Cartel MkII"

The boy, whose curiosity no longer outweighed his anxiety, scampered off.

However, the man started pondering the events leading up to rejoining the Cartel and began dictating to his digital notepad.
"... Then I got tired of flying around w/ the Bastards. There were TZ differences (Brits and Americans) and I swear the local population of victims must've been Chinese.

Anyhow, I joined Canadian Imperial Armaments, a member of Veritas-Imortalis alliance. They were a nice bunch of peeps... But after getting this Team Speak error:

[15:52:12] Unable to login. Your IP has been banned.
Your IP has been banned for 10 Minutes!

for the third time already, and considering that I still don't know what the alliance's tactical situation is; beyond that we're fighting w-4nuu for sovereignty. I've seen huge fleets of ships not doing all that much, and the fleet op's I've been on seemed disjointed to me.

Then, there's the question of why fight for sovereignty in 0.0? I don't rat or mine, and I can find a fight pretty much anywhere in EvE, so why be subserviant to an alliance? Last time I did that, I lost a 100m Myrmidon, got booted out for 'spying' w/ threats, and abused by the now infamous Kow Killa.

With wormholes... 'neutral' 0.0 is just a few systems away no matter where you are.
So, I joined a re-born

Got on vent, talked to good friends again; and even got a Thorax on Apoc kill. An auspicious start to be sure."

He put down his drink, and walked into the fading light back to his captain's quarters.


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You got that right, it's good to be back in Python, EVE is fun again!